Decorating the ‘Girlie’ Room

Decorating your teenage girl’s room in pinks and mauves with lace and frills is just passé. There is so much more you can do to create that perfect haven for your little girl – pretty, comfy, cozy – beyond the obvious pink options. Here are some tips and suggestions to decorate your teenage girl’s bedroom:

Colorful Accents

Right now your girl may enjoy pink and purple because of her favorite cartoon character (or pop singer depending upon her tastes and maturity), but she may soon outgrow her penchant for pink. To avoid having her grow bored, you can pick a neutral theme and color scheme for the room.

You can then add colorful accents that can easily be altered to suit changing tastes and requirements. For instance a beige or sage green color scheme can be very attractive and pretty. To this you can add a fuchsia throw for the foot of the bed, a funky magenta bean bag, or a colorful trendy looking desk and chair combo.

The Loft Bed

Teenage girls enjoy that feeling of privacy and of being cocooned in their own little world where they can share gossipy secrets or have a night-over with friends, or simply curl up with their iPod in a place where no one intrudes. A loft bed can be such a cocoon for your girl.

It creates a little cubby-hole where your child can feel cozy and secure and unlikely to be disturbed. Up and out of the way, it also helps create space for more stuff in the room.

Drapes and Other Décor

The kind of drapes you choose for your girl’s room should ideally reflect her tastes, her sensibilities and her personality. Bold, colorful drapes with abstract prints could help her make the kind of statement she wants.

Equally, some girls would prefer ultra feminine, pretty, fine, gossamer like curtains with lace trimmings and bows to create the ultimate romantic look. The point being that you should take into account, your daughter’s wishes and views when picking the drapes.

Even the kind of décor you pick for your daughter should be reflective of her personality – a quirky phone; stylized posters of cultural icons, both present and past, a pretty or funky lamp, an interesting chair could all help create the sort of ambience she wants. And when she grows tired of these fripperies, you can simply change them for others without redecorating the entire room!

Other tips for decorating your teenage girl’s room

Create artistic shelves – in the shape of a wave or in irregular geometric patterns and then paint them in bright colors; and there you have it: Wall art that functions as a storage shelf for books, CDs, accessories, bags, shoes and other girlie paraphernalia.

Use boxes about the room that open up for storage and can also be used for seating – helps keep her more organized. If you wish that that daughter works hard and does well at school, create a work friendly atmosphere by picking the sort of desk that encourages study – pretty and trendy but one that also focuses on ergonomic aspects of furniture.

Author bio:

Sarika Periwal writes interior design and decor articles. Decorating a teenage girl’s room can be fun, but it can be challenging as well. You want to be able to create a pretty and cozy look that is trendy enough for her. But you also want something that is practical value for money and long lasting. Check out these bedroom furniture sets here: and this exclusive collection of Amish handcrafted dining furniture here: