Here is a selection of testimonials showing how Millennial Living has assisted people. We may be able to help you also. "Tom, thank you so much for your help. I watched the video several times. After I got past the "Oh, he's so cute" stage, I tried what he was describing. It was a perfect fix! Thank you for giving me the information I needed. I can't afford a plumber. I appreciate the help and will let others know about your site." Mary, Austin, TX "Thank you for helping out with this problem. We appreciate your help in our lighting nightmare. You wouldn't mind but, before the ceiling went in, my husband told the contractor that something didn't look right. Oh, well. We are going to study your suggestions and figure out what to do. We will certainly let you know the outcome." Janice, Kingston, MA "You're the best! I'll have my contractor get this stain right away and try it out on the wood floor. Again, many thanks. And yes, I will tell my friends about you. Your site and advice are invaluable to us. Again---can't thank you enough---." Kim, Chevy Chase, MD "I am interested in getting an ambient energy orb. Can you please advise where I might be able to get one from. I am currently working on a smart metering program in Australia and believe this type of object would help in demonstrations." Greg, Australia "Thanks for taking the time to forward my comments to Lowes. I doubt they will amount to much more than a hill of beans, but eventually they will have to realize that the average consumer is fed up with they way business is done." Eric, San Francisco, CA "I loved your idea "Protecting Bathroom Vanity Cabinets with Plexiglass" On the same subject...Any suggestions for protecting the tile floor around the toilet from my son who seems to get more on the floor then in the toilet? Patrice, Gaithersburg MD "You have a wonderful website. What a treat! Can you recommend any competent, reliable plumbing contractors?" Ron, Beltsville, MD "I am glad to have come across this site as I live in Montgomery County, Maryland. I am clueless as to what type of flooring would be ideal and durable for a basement area. Ours is underground, no walkout, two small shallow windows, one complete finished shower/tub bathroom. We have Berber right now but the musk and mold smell is awful and now we are looking for a replacement. Plus my son is asthmatic. Angela, Maryland "Came upon your website -- was very informative --- I was wondering if it was at all possible to find out when the Lowes new store in Hamilton, Ontario Canada will officially be open?? Will keep you in mind when I shop and just see how people are treated in both Home Depot and Lowes (when they open). Thanks." Sandy, Ontario, Canada "It is interesting that 2,500 psi is popular in Washington DC. Having spent most of my life somehow involved in the preparation and placing of concrete, I am never ceased to be amazed at the different attitudes of concrete contractors. But the one thing i have learned is that there are plenty of experts out there and shifting through them is almost an insult to a person's intelligence. Oh by the way i am not an expert. Thanks for the insight." Bill, Kentucky "I have a problem with the drain/sewer lines underneath my concrete slab house in Falls Church, VA. I saw your pictures and description - they make me feel better about what probably lays ahead. I have a question: Did your homeowners insurance pay for the digging and/or repairs? Thanks." Luis, Falls Church , VA We may be able to help you also. For more information, see Services.