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The Challenge of Recovering from a Fire

If you have ever seen the aftermath of a fire, you know that cleaning up after one is extremely difficult. Even a small fire can cause a huge amount of damage. The smoke from a fire spreads quickly and coats everything in thick black soot. It is not possible to remove soot using normal cleaning techniques. Soot simply smears if you try to wipe it off.

Save Your Washer, Save Your Wallet

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Having a washing machine in your house is a wonderful convenience. Instead of having to save your quarters, leave the house, pay money for each load, and wait in a public place to have clean clothes, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. What's not to like? Well, many people find that their washing machines break with some regularity, making them both a hassle and a financial burden to maintain. This obviously takes the convenience out of owning the machine.

Getting Your Old Home Closer to LEED

Although there are a lot of aspects that need to be addressed in order to become LEED certified, there are many things you can do around your home to help improve the score. For homes that are a specific age, obtaining this certification may be almost impossible but you can make improvements anyway. There are several additions that can improve upon the efficiency of your home, many of which are less expensive than remodeling the entire home.

Modern Design Trends to Give Your Home the Contemporary Edge

The interior design world is an ever-changing one, with themes going in-and-out of fashion every few months or so.  It can be tough to come up with ideas that really spark your imagination, and it’s for that reason that fashions and trends exist: they really can help you out if you’re a bit stuck! 

Variations in texture

6 Great Ways To Add A Little More Comfort To Your Home

Add charm to your home

Your home is the one place in the world where you should always feel comfortable. We don't get to relax at work or when we're stuck in traffic, so when you open your front door you want all the stress and anxiety to go away. I'm going to look at a few things you can do if you want to make your home more comfortable than ever.

Change your lightning

Industrial Metal Supply Co. And Home Improvement Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Pre - Fabricated Steel Building

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floating eco house

It's difficult to find affordable industrial steel products and services as well as customer service in an online provider. However, the Industrial Metal Supply Co. has a wide variety of different metals but also provides tools and accessories to help make it easier to do what you need. Whether you're in need of how-to books, welding tools, patinas, electric tools and more. Industrial Metal Supply Co.

Making Your Home and Workplace More Secure

Given the materialistic nature of the society we live in, it is rare to meet someone who isn’t the owner of at least a couple of expensive technological gadgets. The average homeowner will probably have a television, games console and a sound system in their living room alone. Your typical office will usually contain a large number of state of the art computers as well as printers, scanners and fax machines. Thus, the security of these places is a more important issue than ever before.

Increase Your Home's Living Space Via Junk Removal

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Garage full of stuff

People who have lived in one house for a long time will inevitably come to the realization that they've got too much stuff that's accumulated over the years and decades. These people may not be chronic hoarders but there are usually some impractical items that aren't good enough to give to charity but may be useful someday far in the future.

Living Large: Five Steps to Make a Small Space Seem Big

Space is at a premium in many houses but there are plenty of ways in which you can create the illusion of having more space than you actually do, and a floating staircase is one of several interior design secrets that you will be pleased you found out about.

Good architecture

There are many ways that you can use good architecture in your home to create and encourage space and light, which in turn will create the impression of space.

Replace or Repair: How to Tell When It's Time for a New Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit that you have is like any other mechanical item that you own, if you do not service it regularly and keep an eye on its condition, then you run the risk of it breaking down unexpectedly or costing you more money than it should in repair bills.

Here is a guide to whether it is time to replace or repair your air conditioning unit.

Maintenance checks

If you happen to be pretty good at carrying out regular maintenance checks on your unit and change your filter regularly, then you stand a reasonable chance of getting an extended life out of it.

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Home Improvements

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home renovation

Starting a new home improvement project can be intimidating; other than your home and car, renovations are among the biggest investments you’re likely to make. Fixing up your home can be a great investment decision—but before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve asked the questions of yourself and your contractor.

1. Is my contractor accredited and insured?

Choose Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

What about installing shining kitchen counter tops in a tired-looking kitchen? Is digging up the backyard to build a pool worth it? And what about putting up high-definition speakers all around your house? Well, these are a few questions that you can ask yourself while deciding to renovate your home. But, when you are planning to increase the appraisal value of your home, these questions make no sense.

Turn Your Garden Into a Learning Place For Your Kids

Today, many children are known to spend most of their free time indoors. In order to ensure that these kids are active and safe while playing, parents should ensure that they create an enticing garden that the kids won't be able to resist. The garden should be child friendly and must have swing sets and other places that are mainly set aside for children only. Parents should always ensure top safety and also provide play areas that are well protected from direct sun, using canopies and other types of shades.

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