3 Ways to Determine the Efficiency of Your Heating System

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When you heat the home, you expect to feel warm air coming from your heating system. This is basically where the thinking of a heating system ends. Home owners are concerned with the heat the system can provide but tend to stop their thinking at that point. However, with the need for energy efficiency increasing, many home owners are learning how to save energy with a home heating system. It is important to learn how your home heating system operates and how energy efficient the unit actually is to be able to save the most on your heating bills. Below are three ways you can determine how energy efficient a heating system is to spend the least on your home comfort.

SEER Rating

The SEER rating of a unit is if you find that your existing home heating system is old and how much energy is needed for operation. Older heating systems will have a low SEER rating of around 10 or less. This is the old standard and when you have an older system in the home, you are not experiencing the optimal energy savings. In today’s market, heating systems are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13 or higher to provide the best energy savings imaginable. A trained technician will be able to determine the rating of your current system and help you determine if a new system will be able to save you money each month on home heating as well as in energy savings.

Age of the heating unit

The age of the unit can also help you to determine your energy efficiency when it comes to heating the home. An older unit is not going to be able to provide you with maximum energy efficiency. A newer unit has a higher energy efficiency rating and has the newest technologies to provide you with optimal comfort when you need it most. Consider the age of your home and the latest installation of a new heating system. If it has been over a decade, then you are most likely in dire need of a new unit. Have an inspection of your system to see how old the unit is and how accurately the system is saving you energy.

Brand of the heating unit

The HVAC industry is vast and you will find when shopping for a new system that there are a variety of brands available for your home. Of course, every brand provides heating systems but some brands will outweigh the competition with quality features and operation. Some of the top brands to consider are Bryant and Carrier. With such brands, you will have access to quality warranties and products so that you can rely on your system for longer. With a well-known brand, you can trust that your unit will be able to function efficiently for many years to come. The system will be able to provide you with the essential energy efficiency you need to save money as well as enjoy quality comfort in the home.

Overall, it is essential to consider the current system you have and make the appropriate decision as to if the unit is providing you with adequate energy efficiency or not. Once you have your unit evaluated, you will be able to decide if it is time for a new installation. A team of technicians will be able to provide the installation process so you can easily have a new unit to enjoy in your home. You will find a newer more efficient system will be able to offer you exactly what you need to benefit your home as well as the environment.

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