Clearing bulky items from your home

Clearing bulky freestanding items from your home, like mattresses, large sofas or even fridges must be done with caution. So if you’re carrying out a house clearance and need to dispose of large waste items you either need to hire professionals or make sure you purchase the necessary tools and equipment to avoid damaging your belongings and more importantly to avoid injury to yourself or those giving you a helping hand! These tips will serve as a guide to safe and efficient furniture clearance!

Before ridding your home of those larger items and embarking on junk disposal, make sure they can’t first be re-used by some else and whether they are in good enough condition to donate to a charity shop. Once you’ve decided whether it can be given away or sold as a second-hand item, then you’re ready to load it up and remove it from your premises!

Before even attempting to lift any heavy items, it’s probably a good idea to put on some professional gardening gloves, or gloves with finger pads, so you can get a good grip on boxes and bulky items of furniture. It’s easy for something to slip out of your grasp without the gloves and you don’t want to drop something heavy onto your foot!

If you want to remove bulky items for donation or to your new home, you want them to arrive in pristine condition. Therefore it’s probably best to buy some polythene wrap to protect sofas, mattresses or carpets. The wrap will ensure your items are not damaged, scratched or dirtied during transportation.

Transporting your fridge without professionals can be challenging, not only due its size and weight, but also because fridges must remain upright if they are to be used again! Tilting a fridge onto its side will dislocate a mechanism, and then you’ll need the repair guy to come in a fix it! So why throw away good money after bad? What you need is an L shaped trolley on wheels. Make sure it’s big enough and sturdy enough to support the weight of a fridge, or even washing machine or dryer. Once its been loaded onto the trolley you can then wheel it to the van. Easy! What’s more is that the trolley is also ideal for moving three or four boxes in one go, save you lifting and carrying and perhaps putting your back out!

If you’re attempting to clear out a basement or loft full of clutter, then you’ll need to wear eye protection and perhaps a dust mask! A closed space piled high with old junk and boxes will definitely gather dust, not to mention dirt or grime on the floors. Keep yourself protected and clean whilst you tackle a basement clearance. If you have any windows in your basement or loft, you need to open them to give you some fresh and clean air!

However if you decide to hire a waste disposal firm you can have absolutely any bulky item, fitted or freestanding removed from your abode and transported to a recycling centre, when possible or a local tip. Most house clearance firms aim to re-use or recycle as much as they possibly can! They’ll even make sure to drop off your donations to charity shops. You won’t have to invest in the tools and equipment.

Why not tally up the cost of purchasing all these items along with your time to carry out your own tidy up, compare it to the cost of hiring a clearance firm and then decide which option you want to go for! If you do decide to go solo, then all these tools mentioned above can be purchased at any DIY home store.