Boosting Office Productivity With 5 Simple Design Changes

Every office manager and business owner wants to boost productivity and to get the best out of their employee workforce. Good communication, a positive atmosphere in office and high morale can certainly help to boost employee satisfaction and output. In addition, there some simple additions or changes which employers can make to the office that will help to boost productivity as well.

While this could entail certain initial expenditures for the business, it will translate into savings in the long run - savings that result from a happier, more comfortable group of people in office and increased productivity.

Desk lighting

It goes without saying that office interiors should be well lit, since this can make it easier for employers to work, reducing eye fatigue and headaches and even reduce chances of accidents. In addition, it is important to have adequate desk lighting that can provide flexibility for each user. Pick desk lighting that provides steady, non-flickering light with adjustable light modes for reading, working and so on. Ideally desk lamps should have built in dimmers so that each employee can adjust brightness to suit their own requirements.

Phone headsets / Speakerphones

This is important for any office considering how much of business dealing gets done via phone; but this is particularly important in offices where phone use is higher such as call centers etc. Holding a phone receiver to the head can be physically stressful and tiring, even leading to injury over the longer term. A speaker phone can help so that an employee doesn’t have to hold the receiver or hold it between the shoulder and ear. A phone headset is even better since it improves voice clarity and one doesn’t need to strain to hear what’s being said. This helps to further improve efficiency and accuracy of communication. 


It is certainly not unusual to use a whiteboard for various office activities such as creating a daily task list along with a pending tasks area. It can also be useful for meetings, informal brainstorming sessions and as a message board.  A whiteboard can also be useful for simple things such as a simple inspirational thought for the day or to pin up a list of important contacts. Choose a whiteboard that is easy to set up and is streamlined enough to take up less space. Pick a stick-on whiteboard or whiteboard paint which is easy to use, write upon and erase. This can become a bit of a focal point in the office space.

Desk organizers

A desk organizer will create appropriate spaces for papers, stationery, and other desktop tools. This has several benefits - there is a place for everything so things are easy to locate. This also clears the area of clutter to create a better working space and makes for a generally better looking desktop.

Ergonomic workstation

A well planned and designed workstation that takes into account ergonomic principles is known to improve productivity by increasing employee comfort and reducing chances of developing stress related musculoskeletal disorders. This obviously means fewer lost workdays and absenteeism and hence enhanced productivity.


This article has been written by Sarika Periwal