5 uses of vinegar in your domestic cleaning routine

You will find that when you are doing the domestic cleaning, there are a great many different uses for different products that can be found in the home. For a start, you will find that there are many that you may not have thought about using, that it could be interesting to try out once in a while.

There is a huge amount to be said for ensuring that you know all of the potential cleaning methods that could be used in your home and one of them, that you may not have tried out, is vinegar. As a powerful acid, vinegar is gentle enough for everyday home use, but aggressive enough to cut through grease and dirt in the home. You will find that it is an excellent addition to your house cleaning arsenal, and one that you would not catch a contract cleaner using! Whilst many people would wonder why you would want to use such a product in your deep cleaning process, they would not be aware of the fact that the stuff is very much less harmful for the environment than many other chemicals that are on offer, as well as being cheaper than most of them as well. Have a look over the following five uses for vinegar in your cleaning routine!

1. Surface cleaning.

As an acid, vinegar cuts through grease, and kills bacteria, making it a perfect surface cleaner. You will find that it can be very effective neat, at getting through tough stains, but you can also dilute it, to make for a less intensive cleaner. Simply mix water and vinegar in equal parts in a spray bottle, and squirt it over your sides and surfaces as you like. Use a cloth to wipe dirt away, and if you want to, you can rinse the vinegar off afterwards, though you don’t really need to.

2. Limescale cleaner.

Is your tap covered in limescale? Is your shower head clogged with residue? Vinegar is the answer for both of these problems! You will find that if left in contact for long enough, vinegar will eat away at limescale, leaving the surface of the metal work easy to wipe clean. Unfortunately, the time that it takes can be a while, a few hours or so, so the best thing is usually to leave them together over night. A removable shower head can obviously be left in a bowl of vinegar overnight, though you may have to improvise with the taps, using cling film, or a sandwich bag!

3. Drain unblocker.

Try pouring a half cup of white vinegar down the drain, followed by a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, and some boiling water. The reaction will be vigorous, but it should do the trick!

4. Deodorizer.

Vinegar is a great deodorizer, and will absorb smells. You will find that it is perfect for ensuring that pet smells, and light smoke smells are removed form a room overnight, just leave a bowl of the stuff out! If you have clothes that are smelling bad, but need to sort them out quick, then hang them in the bathroom, and leave a bowl of vinegar with some boiling water in next to them. The steam form the vinegar water will get into the clothes, removing the musk.

5. Cream cleaner.

Mixing vinegar with baking soda makes a great cream-cleaning paste that works well in the bathroom. If you don’t believe it, then you need to try it out to see it for yourself!