Tips To Reduce Cooling Bills

We would all like to pay less towards cooling bills, wouldn’t we? We all know that lowering electricity bills is good for the pocket as well as for the environment. Electric appliances use up a lot of our natural resources during manufacture. In addition, running those appliances uses electricity that is created using water, coal and more. It makes sense for each of us to do our bit to reduce the amount of electricity we use and to lengthen the life of our appliances as much as possible. Here’s how:

Use your fan

Sometimes there is no need for the air conditioner and a fan will do just as well. Are you using your AC out of habit rather than an actual necessity? Consider this and try using only a fan; an electrical appliance that uses a fraction of the power that the air con uses.

Choose your HVAC system with care

Choose your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system with care to see that the appliances conform to green guidelines for energy efficiency.  Check out HVAC Chicago to see appliances that can help save money.  It may make sense to use window ACs rather than using a central air conditioning system. Buying and using single room ACs will obviously save you a lot of money.

Grow trees

Not only is it good for the earth to grow trees, it can be good for your cooling bills as well. It may even be a good idea to buy a tree and have it transplanted to the right spot in your garden. The shade cast by the tree or trees will help naturally keep the house cool, preventing the sun from heating up the roof and shining in through the windows; making your cooling systems that much more energy efficient and helping lower your bills.

Set your thermostat a little higher

Don’t just set it and forget it. Experiment to see what is a comfortable temperature to set the thermostat at. Perhaps you are as comfy when the temperature is set a little higher; to cut off the thermostat at a slightly higher temperature. This way your compressor is running for shorter durations and consuming less power. You can consider doing the same for your home’s fridge or freezer. The idea is to find an optimum temperature which gives adequate cooling and saves money at the same time.


Ensuring that the doors and windows close properly and using double glazing on the windows will help to insulate the home so that there is less heat getting in and the cooler air inside is retained and not allowed to escape.


Ensure that any duct system leaks are plugged. Check filters to ensure that it they are clean. Clean filters at least every few weeks and even more often if it’s very hot and the air con is working all the time. Regular servicing can also help to keep the cooling systems working efficiently and in a way that consumes less power.


About the Author:

Sarika Periwal writes home improvement and balanced living articles for blogs and magazines. She recommends for energy efficient temperature solutions for homes and offices.


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