10 Basic Plumbing Tools You Should Have

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The plumbing system of the home is essential to the overall operations of the home. On a daily basis, home owners use water in a variety of ways from washing dishes and clothing to cooking and bathing. Plumbing systems are essential to the daily activities and must be kept in proper condition to ensure the home can function properly. Despite regular maintenance, home owners will face issues when it comes to the plumbing system of the home. This is why plumbing tools are so important in the home. Home owners need to learn the basics of plumbing and the tools needed to complete certain jobs. Below are ten examples of plumbing tools that should be in the home.

Basin Wrench

This tool is known as a basin wrench or a sink wrench. With this tool you are able to complete basic plumbing needs. This item can be used to change out old faucet fixtures and is a self-tightening wrench. This means it also works well to tighten or loosen fittings that are in places that can be difficult to reach.

Pliers with tongue and groove

Pliers with channel locks can help a home owner to take apart plumbing piping easily. The pliers work good with two sets, one to unscrew the pipe while the other to stabilize the pipes. This is a tool that has many uses in the home, including plumbing issues.

Adjustable Wrench

Another great option that can be used for plumbing is an adjustable wrench. This tool should be added to any bag so it is readily available for plumbing needs. The wrench type can be used to remove certain aspects of plumbing systems from supply lines, compression nuts and angle stops. A shower head can easily be removed with an adjustable wrench as well to help with new installations.

Pipe Wrench

To go along with the many wrenches you need in your plumbing arsenal is the pipe wrench. This tool is necessary to plumbing as it can help to remove iron piping. The tool is good for items that are threaded and works well for small components of water heaters, pressure regulators and more. It is smart to have pipe wrenches of different sizes to work for different plumbing needs.


This may be an odd choice but a hacksaw comes in very handy when the need to cut through metal arises. Metal pipes, screws, hardware and even plastic can be cut with a hacksaw. Extra blades should be purchased and kept on hand so that you automatically have another option if a blade becomes dull or broken. If you are cutting items in a tight situation, use a loose blade wrapped in cloth on your end to be able to use easily.

Metal File

Another great tool is a metal file. After you have cut metal piping, the edges can be very rough. A metal file can be used to file the ends down and create a smooth surface. There are two types of metal files that work best: half round and the rat-tail.

Hand Auger

Known more so as a plumbers snake, a hand auger can be used to clear a clogged drain. This is a must have tool for home owners. When any drain becomes clogged, this tool can be used easily to clear an obstruction.


A plunger is a simple tool that most home owners own already. It is used for a quick clogging of a drain when problems occur such as blocked toilet paper.

Propane Torch

This tool is used when copper pipe or fittings need to be sweat. This is for the more advanced in plumbing system repairs.

Tool Bag

Once you have all your tools gathered, place them in a bag or container. This way, you have all of your plumbing tools in place and they are easy to access when you need them.