Online Estate Agencies Looking to Make Life Easier and Cheaper When Selling Your Home

Over the past three years the world of Estate Agency has seen big changes. The days of traditional high street Estate Agents owning the monopoly on house sales thoughout the UK could well be numbered. With the rise of the internet taking over many aspects of our lives (we spend more time on the internet now than watching TV), it was only a matter of time before the house market became a target for new online enterprises. In step the new breed of Estate Agents.

Offering massive discounts on the traditional percentage deals that high street Estate Agents offer, Online Estate Agents are looking to take over the market. With the only real difference being that sellers often (but not always) have to show the prospective buyer around their own property rather than having an accompanied viewings, many people are now realising that selling their house online is the way forward. This has caused traditional Estate Agents major headaches.

Many are clinging to the belief that people will not be happy with selling one of their biggest assets (their house) over the internet. But the simple fact is that many people are now so used to making large purchases online, this is the next logical step. Another argument that traditional Estate Agents often state is that people do not feel safe having people enter their home without a representative of the Estate Agency being present. Again, this argument falls flat when it is often the case that traditional agents themselves do not accompany all viewings - many viewings fall out of work hours or on weekends. Plus saving thousands of pounds on traditional percentage sale fees compared to flat-fee Online Estate agent fees certainly makes up for the small element of risk involved in showing a stranger into your home. Many Online Estate Agents are now flooding the market offering more and more competitive deals. Many have entered a price war with one another, meaning this really is a great time for people to get a great deal. The main players such as HouseNetwork and Sell A House Online ( are currently offering better and better deals on Online Estate Agency fees.