Rointe Heaters: K Series Electric Radiators

Today I am going to talk about the state-of-the-art electric radiators from Rointe. The K Series has a range of benefits including easy installation, but ultimately the twofold advantages of these radiators are:

  • Extremely energy efficient;

  • Significant annual cost saving.
Why Do These Benefits Exist?

The K Series radiators are energy efficient due to a patented technology called, Optimizer Energy Plus, which controls temperatures to a fraction of a degree allowing for cost savings, in most cases only costing a few pence per hour to run! As this technology is exclusive to Rointe, you will really need to do your research to find electric radiators that are more energy efficient.

The K Series electric radiators have been designed with a stylish look to fit beautifully into any home, they are wall mounted and easy to install, typically installation takes a few minutes with no pipe work to contend with. If you are looking for affordable electric radiators that are energy efficient, easy to install, and come with a sleek, stylish design then the Rointe K Series is certainly one to consider. For those of you that want to be kinder to the environment, the energy savings will certainly make you feel you are doing your bit.

Follow this link to see some examples of the Rointe K Series