Evolution of the Hand Dryer

Before any hand dryer was ever created, paper towels were in full use. Which caused millions of trees cut down to create the paper towels and loads of trash from the used paper towels going into the landfills. Which in turn caused pollution. In 1948, a man by the name of George Clemens invented the first hand dryer in order to cut down the use of trees. And from that time, hand dryers came a long way.

The first hand dryer would save the business owners money because they no longer would need to buy paper towels. Yet, the hand dryer would be really loud, would take really long to dry your hands, and being manual, the button to turn it on would be infested with germs of all the people that have pressed it. So many people disliked the idea of a hand dryer and the bills for the business owners still remained high for all the electricity and energy used.

Then came the automatic, touchless hand dryers. Which were still not super user friendly as the sensor wasn’t always responding as fast and the time to dry would still be long and not as effective. But the improvement caused the hand dryers to evolve to the most effective hand dryers since the beginning of time.

Today, we get to enjoy the best hand dryers that anyone has ever seen in the past. Because the zDryer evolved, drying your hands is no more a nuisance, yet it’s quick, effective and is saving trees and energy while drying your hands. With taking only 9-12 seconds to dry, this touch-less masterpiece is what every bathroom needs. Whether a restaurant or a business office, hotel or an airport. Its’ stainless steel will keep all rust away and is offered in three different finishes that will match any bathroom style and design.

It saves energy, works better and lasts longer than other hand dryers, which is what every business wants and now it’s finally available to all. And another benefit is no more super loud hand dryers that causes everyone else to scream as they talk to each other. zDryer is small and will not need any special wiring. Because of its’ low comsumption of vviD, it will fit most standard outlets. So no more hiring electricians to figure out how to get the hand dryer to work in their bathroom.

zDryer is super fast, touch free, energy efficient, stainless steel, in other words, the perfect 21st century commercial hand dryer. So thank you George Clemens for starting an evolvement of the perfect hand dryer that we all get to use and enjoy today. My hands have never been happier since zDryer.