The Jack For Raising and Lowering Transmissions

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Even if an auto repair shop has invested money in lifts to raise and lower vehicles for repairs, the shop must still invest in jacks for transmissions. The rebuilt or new transmission for a customer must be lifted with care, and the proper jack for all transmissions must be present in the shop.


Mechanics who use a tool such as the Powerbuilt jack will be able to lift an transmission that weighs up to a thousand pounds. These units are extremely heavy, and only a jack of this strength can hold the transmission in place for a long installation. Mechanics cannot spend time worrying about holding up the transmission they are installing. Units like this help to keep the transmission in place.

These jacks are also useful when the transmission must be moved during installation. The original position of the transmission is not necessarily the final position it will take in the car. When the jack is mobile, the crew doing the installation can make shifts in the position of the transmission to ensure it is installed correctly.

Other Uses

The transmission is not the only large piece of machinery that must be lifted into a car. The fuel tank, engine and axles are also extremely heavy. With a strong jack on the shop floor, mechanics can lift these items into place during installation or repair. The goal for many mechanics is to prevent extra labor charges during a repair. The jack can help to shorten a job because it holds the item in place while a repair is done.

The Value

The value of a jack of this strength is immense. The shop owner who invests in a strong jack helps to complete repairs more quickly. Also, customers are charged less for labor during repairs, and these same customers will come back to the shop in the future because they got a good deal.

Purchasing a new jack for transmissions, engines, axles and fuel tanks is necessary for every auto repair shop. Mechanics cannot lift transmissions that weigh up to a thousand pounds, but they can use a jack to make the job safe and simple.