Unique Backyard Projects with Artificial Grass

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Get ideas on how to use artificial grass to design out-of-the-ordinary projects in your backyard.

Artificial grass is becoming a popular landscaping solution for homeowners across the country. Many property owners use it to create cost-effective lawns that require little maintenance and no water at all. A lawn made of fake grass is beautiful and eco-friendly, making it the perfect solution for drought-prone areas. It’s also a great choice for homeowner who don’t have a lot of time or money to maintain a natural grass lawn. There are also great options for wholesale artificial grass prices if you are looking to buy in bulk

But a beautiful lawn is not the only outdoor project you can create with artificial grass. In fact, many homeowners are using fake grass to design unique backyard retreats. Need some inspiration? Here are few unique backyard projects you can create using fake grass.

Comfortable Patios

Does your home have a patio? It’s time for makeover! Use fake grass to design a comfortable outdoor patio area. Synthetic grass instantly adds life and style to an otherwise boring outdoor area. We recommend using it as a soft carpet underneath outdoor patio furniture including benches, dining chairs, and tables. You can also use it as a center rug so that children can sit or play on the ground without getting cold. Fake grass is outdoor-proof, which means it won’t get destroyed or fade from UV rays, rain, or heavy foot traffic.

Rooftop Gardens

Very popular among urban dwellers, rooftop gardens are cozy retreats on the roof. To bring color and comfort to your rooftop garden, add artificial grass. You can landscape the entire garden with fake grass or cut it into various pieces of various shapes to create multiple patches of fake grass throughout the area. A rooftop garden with fake grass is the perfect spot to unwind and relax, whether first thing in the morning or during sunset.

Secret Garden

If you have a hidden area in your backyard, consider creating a secret garden or backyard retreat where family and friends can visit to be alone, read, or meditate. A great way to make it inviting and comfortable is to add synthetic grass. Use it to carpet the entire garden or landscape a pathway to the area with fake grass. Complete your secret garden with a comfortable outdoor bench or hammock.



Whether you want to create a rooftop garden or a comfortable patio area, synthetic turf can be a wonderful addition to your backyard retreat. Artificial turf suppliers offer a variety of turf to choose from, making it easy to find one that matches your outdoor project.