6 Advantages of Prefab Homes

The prefabricated homes structures are based on the structural conifer timber that is calibrated and planned, thermal insulated, fire resistant, and have a vapor barrier film that ensures that this structure is protected from wind and humidity. These homes are made in a factory or you can say, the major parts are built in the factory and just the assembling of these parts is done at the site location.

Modern prefab homes are now widely called modular homes since they can join any amount of rooms to make the home you want. These homes are gaining popularity due to a number of reasons:

1. Insulation
The material used for insulation is chosen depending on the needs of the prefab homes. If a person asks for the summerhouse, it would have lesser amount of insulation, whereas a passive house would have thick insulation layers. Moreover, the insulation offered by prefabricated house walls is much greater to the traditionally built homes as they are made in the factory.

2. Swift Construction
The prefab homes are much quicker to make, as all you need to do is place your order with the right company. Everything is made in the factory and thus the production is very fast and then transported to your site and assembled. Whereas, the traditional home is built with human labor and takes months or years to build.

3. Bugs Protection
The material used for prefab homes isn’t exposed to the environment much and are better protected compared to other kinds of constructions.

4. Money Saver
The prefab homes are better insulated and thus less heating is required to keep them warm. This helps you in saving on your heating bills. These homes are particularly used in cold areas and thus all year around heating savings would save you big in the long run.
Moreover, the overall cost of making prefab homes is much lesser if you use just the basic elements in its manufacturing compared to the traditional and more time consuming-to-make homes.

5. Interior Finished
These homes have their interiors build in the factory too, however, they are fixed after the electricity wiring is completed. Sometimes, the PVC pipes are mounted in the factory in the walls so that even lesser time is consumed when assembling the home.

6. Exterior Finished
There are numerous options available to make your exterior look the way you want. Some of the exterior is fixed from the factory before transporting to the site, however some exterior like tiles or marbles are fixed after shifting the home to the site.

These are just some of the main advantages of prefab homes, but when you would get one built for yourself and you would live in it you would see for yourself how many other advantages you would come across. It is always suggested to go for the best prefabricated homes maker in the town since they use the best quality material in your home and because of their experience in this field they can suggest things better for your home.

About the author: Mohit Jain works with Gildera, a company 15 years of experience in construction and timber products sector. Working by cluster principles we produce timber-frame panel houses and assemble them. He is the author & publisher of this article about “6 Advantages of Prefab Homes”.