Home is where the heart is

Wouldn’t you like to return from work to a home that soothes your weary body and taxed mind? The very thought of relaxing in your drawing room surrounded by elements that calm; away from the din of the madding crowd sounds like sheer bliss to the tired being. Well, it is time that you did something about the comfort factor of your home.


Paradise Regained

A few suggestions to improve on the comfort factor in your home could be like the addition of plants. Plants add a fresh touch to your home and are a welcome sight to the sore eye. The benefits of having plants at your home are three fold as not only do they colourful and good to look at but the fact that they supply oxygen and purify the air are a bonus. Not only have you upped the comfort level but you have incorporated a healthy atmosphere in your home as well. How about a soft crackling fire on a cold wintry evening? Yes, a fireplace shouts comfort especially if you happen to use a bio ethanol or gel based one as compared to the burning of wood. The latter could have a negative impact on your health and home. Subdued lighting is a great way to increase the comfort of your home. Add a splash of colour by using lamp shades that are attractive to the eye. Another simple way to create that paradise like experience at home is by using soft fabrics on your couch, as curtains or even bed blankets. The feeling of soft material brush against your skin will allow you to sleep like an infant unperturbed.

Water on the Wall

This last addition to your home will really take the comfort level to the sky. It will also add class to your abode. Yes, that addition is a waterfall. You heard that correct. The sight and sound of cascading water is refreshing, soothing the mind and body. To help you add this final comforting touch to your home, try LuxeWaterWalls.com, a brand that goes out of its way with a variety of custom and luxury waterfalls. This could be the wow factor that grips your guests as they stand transfixed at the beauty of this structure. When it comes to choosing one, the decision could be tricky as each one looks better than the previous one. With the flexibility of choosing the type of material, colour and lighting, you can put together a fall that will make you the talk of the neighbourhood. Prices for theses fixtures begin at $ 1,699.00 and could go up to $ 18, 999.00. The cost factor means little to you when your comfort is at question. With Luxe Water Walls you have what it takes to transform your humble home into a heaven of relaxation.  Hassle free when it comes to using and cleaning, made from the most durable material by the most skilled in the business, elegant in its design and the provision of after purchase service, what more could you want?