Green Is the New Black – Five Reasons to Get Eco Friendly for the New Year

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This year is going to be a great year for the green home movement, with experts predicting the hottest home remodels are almost all eco-friendly. From sustainable cabinetry in your kitchen to recycled glass counter tops in your bathroom, being earth-friendly is definitely in. But if you’re thinking about doing a remodel in the new year and you aren’t entirely sold on going green, here are five reasons you might want to reconsider.

1. Green Has Come To Mean Quality

For a long time, people thought of eco-friendly home products as inferior – low flow toilets that didn’t flush well, wimpy shower heads, and boring modular furniture. But as earth first practices have become more popular and technology has had time to improve, now many “green” products are considered the best on the market. From sturdy, durable bamboo flooring to energy efficient appliances, these days environmentally friendly home products are less about meeting government-set rules and regulations and more about building a beautiful home that will last you a long time.

2. Green Is Good For Your Health

One advantage of the green home revolution that you might not have thought of is that environmentally friendly products aren’t just good for the earth; they’re good for your family’s health, too. Wood that goes into a lot of traditional furniture – from bookshelves to bathroom vanities – is treated with nasty chemicals like formaldehyde that can release into the air in your home and stay there, in some cases making the air in your home worse to breathe than the air outside. Swapping to products that get a “green home,” LEED, or CARB certification for low or no VOCs can keep your air cleaner and your family healthier.

3. Green Is Easy To Live With

The phrase “eco friendly” or even “green home” make some people think of short showers and compost heaps. But many people who do green remodels are surprised to find how easy their green homes are to live with. From passive heating and cooling that help regulate the temperature of your home to little things like having a beautiful tile floor that was quarried locally, or an induction range top that won’t heat up your kitchen when you use it, the latest green innovations are ones that don’t just make your home more friendly to the environment, but also a whole lot nicer to you, too.

4. Green Is Great For Your Bottom Line

If for no other reason, a green remodel is worth considering because environmentally friendly home upgrades have started to pay for themselves. And not just in little ways, either – water saving faucets can slash your water bill, and opting for Energy Star appliances is a great way to significantly lower your electric bills. Plus, large scale renovations that have a sufficient proportion of green-certified components (whether we’re talking sustainably sourced wood floors, composite stone counter tops, or LEED certified windows) can actually net you major rebates from your local, state, and national government.

5. Green Is Beautiful

Finally, one of the main reasons that I personally think the green movement is catching on so well is that eco-friendly products are just plain pretty. While you might not be the biggest fan of MDF (because who is?), recycling, reusing, and reclaiming materials definitely breeds artistic innovation (like salvaged wood furniture or reclaimed glass or tile mosaics), and opting for “naked” materials like raw bamboo is a great way to bring a natural, earthy look and feel into your home…without having to fake it.

So even if you aren’t all fired up for eco-friendliness, it’s worth taking a look at what aspects of a green home might improve your home. And remember, you don’t have to be a mad genius or make your house perfectly self sustaining to add green elements to your home – you just have to shop for well made, beautiful, money-saving products that just happen to be good for the environment, too.