Buying the Right Kind of Tape

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Packing tape seems like one of the most essential items for any business. Yet, how many times does the office manager or assistant try to find tape only to find the company is low on the appropriate tape they need. No shipment or mailing is complete without the right type of tape the box or package needs. It is why there are online vendors that specialize in bulk orders of different types of tape that can meet any business needs.


Many online vendors will offer tape in a variety of colors. Yes, there is tape that can be in different types of colors to perfectly match, for aesthetic or decorative reasons, the box or package being mailed. Businesses and consumers can purchase traditional colors like black, brown, or white, or they can usually purchase more vibrant colors depending on the vendor. Some colors may include bright red, dark green, cerulean, or pantone purple. The other dimension that most vendors will ask for tape purchases are the length of the tapes the customer wants. Many vendors will have tape that are 55 yards long to 100 yards in length.


Besides colors and lengths, consumers can also purchase different types of tapes. Three of the most common tapes for office and personal use are masking, filament, or flatback tape. Masking tape has typically been used to help cover corners of walls when painting. However, the very pressure sensitive chemical structure of these tapes can help seal off packages or boxes tightly. Filament tape is a tape that is reinforced with polypropylene or polyester film with fiberglass filaments to add extra strength to the taping. Some filament tape has been recorded to seal 600 pounds of pressure within a box or package. Flatback tape is a type of paper-based tape that is usually thick (in varying degrees) while still being very pressure sensitive.


Customers can not only order flatback tape and other types of tape at many of these online vendors, they can see if the vendors will include optional attributes to the tape. For example, some tape can carry a pack-n-seal label tape options. This helps to seal paper writing, such as the postal label, to the box with a good sealant.


No business or consumer should go without good quality packing tape. Whether it’s for an office or for a person packing boxes, buying the right kind of tape is possible with many of these online vendors.