5 Kitchen Designs That Are Trendy and Functional

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The kitchen is not just a space for the preparation of food and drinks. It can be a social centerpiece that give hosts and guests a place to gather and enjoy the fruits of the home at its best.

unique kitchen design should reflect the character of the person who lives there. Fashion should guide function as well as create an environment worth being in. Take a look at these five examples.

1. The naturist

This unique design utilizes the clean lines of the wood grain veneer cabinets to give an earth-friendly tone to this kitchen. The stacked stone backsplash that is offset gives the walls a natural feel that is comforting and appealing.

The slate stone tile on the floor completes the overall naturist vibe. The appliances are concealed nicely within the counters so they don’t to take away from natural flow of the kitchen in general.

2. The entertainer

For the cook who aspires to be the next TV food show sensation or that simply likes to entertain while preparing the evening meal, this design offers a wide island that includes a range stove. This island enables the preparation and cooking of food while facing the open layout of the rest of the space.

The entertainer layout is great for hosting parties in which the cook and bartender never lose contact with the guests. The cleanup process remains in the background on the long, open counter space. Cabinets are lined up efficiently and promote ease of access and provide the ultimate in organization.

3. The economist

With no formal dining area, but only a bar with barstools designated as the place to eat, this design is best for economy apartments and studios. The layout will usually be placed at the rear of the apartment and feature a small-sized stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink lined up in a row.

Counter space is limited and allows for nominal preparation space. This design is intended for the simplest of living.

4. Traditional galley

The galley-style kitchen works when two walls line the space and a narrow walkway is situated between them. This galley has an entrance and exit at each end, which give access to the kitchen at only these points.

Some people find the galley constricting and feel it doesn’t provide enough space to properly entertain guests. Its design is simple and focused on function. The function is to serve a single preparer of the feast, who also performs as the server.

5. European contemporary

This design appeals to those who have more contemporary tastes. The layout is basic: Most of the elements stand on one side of the wall.

The limited upper cabinetry allows for a loftier and open-air feeling. The lower cabinets and appliances are raised by feet that give some clearance from the floor. The even-flowing lines of the kitchen provide ample space for a single person in an urban world.

With kitchens becoming the center of attention in many homes, it becomes critical to ensure that the layout not only reflects the person who lives there but remains fully functional. These unique designs provide for creative and stylish expression.