5 Things To Think About When Trying To Maintain A Large Garden

When you work hard you don't have a lot of time to maintain a small garden, so it's even harder to maintain a large one. You can only play the hand you're dealt with, so we're going to discuss a few ways you can make things easier on yourself. Nobody said it's going to be easy, but you will end up with a garden to be proud of.

Sunlight affecting your grass

Be careful when you're trying to maintain your grass because some parts of your large garden are going to be a lot more shaded than other parts. If large patches of grass don't get a lot of sunlight it won't grow as fast as the grass that receives plenty of sun all day. Common sense might tell you those shaded areas need more water and fertilizer, but this would be wrong. Those areas need less water because it takes longer to evaporate and they need less fertilizer because the grass won't grow as quickly due to the lack of sun.

Build flower patches

You'll have plenty of room to grow a variety of flowers in your garden, but if you get carried away everything can soon spiral out of control. Instead of planting flowers anywhere you should build specific flower patches to keep everything more manageable. To build them you can either use bricks or wood and they can be any shape your heart desires. As an added bonus they'll actually make your flowers stand out even more and you'll be able to care for them more easily.

Catch lots of rain water

Gardens need a lot of water if they're to flourish, so can you imagine how much water you'd need to keep your large garden looking great? We're already suffering water shortages around the country, so you don't want to go taking water from people who need it just as much as you. That is why you should try to catch as much rain water as possible and it will allow you to water some of your plants without getting your hose out. You can start by using rain barrels placed in strategic locations around the garden.

Lose some of your grass

A large garden full of grass will look beautiful if you can afford to pay someone to maintain it, but it's a lot harder to do on your own. After a while you'll get depressed because it will take you so long to walk around with a lawn mower cutting it. Instead of pricing tractor lawn mowers you should just replace large sections of grass with something more manageable. Paving slabs or gravel stones seem to be a popular choice, plus if you want something closer to your home you can build a large deck.

Plant some nice trees

All those people with small gardens won't be able to plant a lot of trees because there will be no room for them, but because your garden is large you should definitely plant some. Once they're fully grown they will completely transform the look of your garden and it will look more like a mini-forest. If you're worried about caring for little trees until they reach a decent size you don't need to worry any longer because you can buy fairly big ones from your garden center to plonk straight into the ground.

You don't have a choice

Unless you move home you have to work with the garden you've got at the moment so it doesn't turn into an unkempt jungle. Take on-board everything we've spoken about today and I'm sure you'll love what you're able to accomplish with a little hard work.

The author of this post is Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Balcatta Mowers, providers of garden edgers.. As an avid car enthusiast, she likes to go on long drives during the weekend. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.