Choosing the Style of Your New Barn Remodel

Whether you are buying a new property and need a barn, or if your old one needs to be replaced, you have the opportunity to create an entirely new barn system. If you wish to build a pole barn, you have a number of options. APB barns offers a number of useable and customizable options for barn building remodels.

Monitor Pole Barn

A monitor pole barn is the old school style large barn that appears to have two levels from the exterior. The center of the bar is raised and more prominent than the sides of the barn. The second level of a monitor pole barn allows you to have a loft space at the top of the barn that you can use.

The loft in monitor barns can store equipment, extra hay, or even be a temporary housing unit for individuals if possible. Some use their loft area as their “headquarters” when working in the fields, or inside of the barn. Monitor barn styles can be built with or without windows depending on your region and your barn needs.

Gambrel Pole Building

If a large, prominent attic space is what you are looking for, gambrel barn buildings are the best. Gambrel barns differ from monitor barns in that the gambrel building has a complete second floor, rather than just a loft area.

The second floor in a gambrel building presents a multitude of possibilities. A gambrel barn has the look and feel of a home in some ways. If you will have a lot of activity in your barn aside from animal and equipment usage, gambrel barns offer the recreational or living space that you desire. Best of all, gambrel barns have attractive exteriors that can look similar to a home.

Hip Pole Buildings

Hip pole barns look very similar to garages from the outside. As a flat, one story building, you may think that they come with a standard look, but customization for these buildings comes simple. Paint on the outside, as well as custom pitch options on the interior make it easier than ever to create a good barn that matches the rest of the home.

Hip Pole Barns are easier to put together for most people, and require less square footage and clearance space. If you need a small option for your barn remodel, a hip pole barn building is appropriate.

Side Shed Pole Building

Side shed pole buildings are often quaint and pretty, two characteristics that you would rarely describe to a barn. Side shed buildings look similar to hip pole buildings, though typically slightly smaller. These barn buildings offer a porch area that you can use as resting space while outside of the barn. The shade provided by the porch area also operates for animal use if necessary, during a hot day.

When remodeling your barn, remember to take into account the space that you have, as well as your barn needs. If you are looking for a location central while outside, you should go with a barn that offers a large work space. If your live on a smaller plot of land that you would prefer to look attractive and offer a small rest area, side pole barn buildings are the perfect choice.