5 Catastrophic Moving Mistakes You Must Make Sure You Avoid

Don't get too excited about moving into your new home because you're not there yet. A few things need to be taken care of before you can chill out on your new porch with a cold soda. Mistakes will probably be made, but it's your job to make sure they're not catastrophic. Take a look at some things other people have messed up and I'm sure you won't end up with egg on your face like them.

Thinking it's going to be easy

A lot of people seem to think moving home is going to be easy. This usually happens when they're only moving a few miles away. If you're moving across country it might seem daunting, but moving a few miles away isn't any different. When you don't have a plan you'll end up running into a lot of problems that could easily be avoided if you take your move seriously. It is going to be tough no matter where you're headed, so plan everything down to the last detail and you'll avoid any pitfalls.

Leaving things to the last minute

You're not the only person in your city packing up and heading off to pastures new. There will be a lot of people moving on the same day you plan to move and you'll all be competing for the best moving companies. Do you want the professionals with tons of experience, or do you want to employ movers who will smash your possessions and cause you an untold amount of stress? Hire your moving company months in advance so you won't end up disappointed by the choices you're left with.

Get an estimate in writing

If you take your car to the garage you would ask for an estimate otherwise they could easily add on a multitude of different charges in order to screw you out of money. The same thing applies when you hire a moving company, so once they have an idea of how many possessions you have and where you're moving you need to get an estimate in writing. It will protect you further down the line because they won't be able to add on hundreds of extra charges unless you start asking for lots of add-on services.

Deal with valuables yourself

If you're lucky enough to own valuable possessions you shouldn't let the movers anywhere near them. This isn't because they'll run away with your expensive jewelry. It's more to do with the fact you might end up in trouble if they manage to break something. You should always check your movers are properly insured because accidents do happen, but if you treasure certain things it's much easier to put them in a box and drive them to your new home in the trunk of your car.

Remember living things

This can be split into two separate categories. The first thing you need to inquire about is your family pets if you have any. Is your dog's shots and certificates up to date? Will you need to make special arrangements if you're traveling by air? Then you have fancy house plants you might want to take with you. It's possible your moving company won't be able to touch them if you're crossing state lines. Are you even allowed to take them into your new state? You need to find out about pets and plants well in advance.

One shining light

The best thing about moving home is the fact it doesn't happen very often, so once it's out of the way you can breathe a sigh of relief. Just don't let your guard down until you're chilling in your new home because moving is stressful enough without creating more problems for yourself.

Today's featured writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, who often writes Budget Removal and Storage who are experts in furniture removal at Perth. She likes to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.