Consider Renovations When Purchasing a Home

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When you have decided to buy a home, the thought of finding the perfect house immediately enters your mind. The realization that only close to perfect exists quickly sets in. In most cases, you have to be willing to make a few changes or renovate a few rooms to make the home perfect in your eyes. For example, you may love the layout of a home but dislike how the spaces are setup. These are easy fixes with some minor renovations. The point here is, when you’re hunting for a home to buy, be open to the thought of having to do some renovations.

Convert from Traditional to Modern

In different regions of the United States, the term traditional takes on a different meaning. In the southern states, traditional is very simple, open spaces that are functional. An area in the south where renovations are likely is Nashville, Tennessee. Many homeowners there stay their entire lives. Some homes for sale in Nashville, Tennessee have simply not been updated for the sale process. 

Other regions of the US have specific design styles for the interiors of homes as well. In the Midwest, many homeowners prefer separated rooms, and this is also the case for New England states. Thinking about the southwest region of the US, open floor plans are popular given the heat and need to circulate air through the home more. Northwestern residents of the country also prefer open floor plans given the longer warm seasons and ocean breezes. 

Consider Functionality in Each Space

When you walk through homes, look at the functionality of each space before judging how it affects the overall flow of the home. Spaces can be functional on their own; it may not work for the entire floor plan though. Understand that you can remove non-load bearing walls to open up spaces. You can also cut pass-throughs into walls or take down a portion of them to open up a space. 

Keep in mind that the flow of homes that need some work can work for your family for a short period of time until renovations can be completed. Not all renovation processes are drawn out and messy. Some can be completed in a single day. A few rooms in the home might just need a facelift. Keeping the charm of a home is something that some home buyers look to keep.  Architectural elements add to a home to make it unique, comfortable or true to its time period.

Examine Each Bedroom

Bedroom size and functionality are important. A good size closet is often a requirement for potential homebuyers. Older homes tend to have smaller closets given the fact that wardrobe was not important in the early 1900s and people of those times had very few clothing items. Closets can be expanded in most spaces and rather cheaply at that. When looking at an older home, consider looking for options that have one more bedroom than you really need. If it is attached to the master bedroom space, simply remove a wall and turn that into a custom walk-in closet space. You have to get creative in these situations. Look at the potential rather than what is in front of you.

Explore the Functionality of the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home, if not the most important. It has to be spacious, functional and must have a good layout. This is often the deal breaker for many potential homebuyers. Keep in mind, you can make changes. Look at the space, not what’s in it. Changing the configuration of a kitchen can make it exactly what you need it to be. Keep an open mind and visualize what the space can be. 

Is the Bathroom Up to Date?

Bathrooms are another room in the home that is often left neglected. Updating bathrooms is pretty common, especially in homes that have been lived in by one family for decades. They are used to the functionality of the space and have adapted their lifestyles to it. Look at the layout of the space and where the plumbing fixtures are. Imagine how the space can look with a facelift. This means changing out the floors, painting and adding in new fixtures.  

Create a Home Office or Media Space

Many homeowners require a home office or media space. Homes built pre-2000 are likely to not have these spaces included. It is common to find a space in the home, or an extra bedroom, to convert into the space that you require. A lot of people work from home or require the ability to finish work at home. A small bedroom that you find to be too small for children or guests is the ideal space to consider. You can also take a portion of basement space or even a sun room and convert it into a great home office or media space.

Too Much Work Needed?

Keep in mind that a home that needs a significant update is likely very negotiable on price. You can place a lower offer and have the realtor state that it is because of the updates needed. Many homeowners are motivated to sell and are likely to accept a reasonable offer knowing that the home needs work. 

The idea here is to look at the space and picture how you can change it to make it the perfect home. Older homes are so much fun to work with and transform into something more modern. The idea of purchasing a home is to make it your own. Some homes have great layouts; they have just been neglected a bit and need refreshing. If you are not handy enough to handle these renovations on your own, hire a contractor or get some friends to help. Renovations don’t have to blow a budget either.