Cool Security Gadgets that Keep Your House Secure During a Remodel

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Home security is nothing to joke about, and is even more critical during a remodel. With clutter everywhere and exposed areas of your house easy to spot, there are many precautions you have to take to ensure the safest conditions possible. When choosing how to secure your house and your property, you almost certainly have to get creative. Technology advances in today’s world have allowed for some innovative security systems.

Because your entire house will feel like it’s in shambles, you don’t have to be afraid to be creative with your home security. Check with your security provider to view ADT home security coverage during a remodel, and to make them aware of “strange” activity on your property.

Whatever will make you feel the safest and most secure will be worth the time and money spent to install it in your home. Here are some security gadgets that are innovative and unique, but are great ways to secure your belongings whether you are around or away for the remodel process.

Underground Fences

Invisible to the eye, electrical fences can give anybody that tries to step foot on your property a good scare. These electrical fences uses sensor cables that can be synchronized with security cameras. They are triggered to react when certain motions are detected. You can set the fence to certain levels so it is not going off for small creatures or animals. One important note to point out if you have pets living outdoors, is to make sure they are trained and know the repercussions of crossing the fenced barrier.


Lasers are another type of motion detection that is helpful to have when you are not home. Not quite as invisible as the underground fences, lasers are not easy to spot. Depending on the setting used, you can have a single laser beam or several going in different directions to create a more secure barrier. When the line is crossed, the alarm system is triggered and sends an alert to the response team to come help. If using lasers, it is important to make sure that nothing will have the potential of setting the laser off so that it doesn’t trigger any false alarms.

Flood lights

Flood lights are a good and very reliable protection method to have, although they are nothing new in the market of security gadgets. In addition to protect against intruders, they are also helpful when walking around outside in the dark. It is hard to know if there is danger lurking in the dark. Flood lights present a good scare that will startle intruders and allow you to get a physical description if need be.

Noise motion detectors

Garden gnomes might seem like baby boomer lawn decorations, but what if they were actually noisy alarm that went off at the first sign of motion? These little motion detectors that make a big noise when triggered, and are great to have in the perimeter of your property. Because they are typically decorative pieces, they are good distractions and hardly noticeable as alarm pieces. You can sync them up with the rest of your alarm system to go off when certain motion is detected.

There are many cool security gadgets out there that will make you feel more secure and better protected from danger. The benefit of these devices is their discreetness and inconspicuous nature. Most intruders will not pay attention to these types of measures, making them more effective in moments of trouble. Some of these unique security systems do come with a price tag, but the investment on your safety is the biggest payoff. 


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