Breathe New Life Into Plastic Bottles At Home With 5 Alternative Uses

They say most of us don't know how to recycle properly and one of the biggest problems is what we do with plastic bottles when we're finished with them. It seems strange to use a whole plastic bottle for something as cheap as soda before throwing it away when we're finished with it. Instead of wasting your plastic bottles you can breathe new life into them and we're going to look at some things you can do with them once the soda is gone.

Collect some rainwater

Do you know how to collect rainwater in a big barrel? You set the barrel up at the end of your garden shed and the water from the gutters will fall into it. This trick we're going to look at now is the exact same thing but on a much smaller scale. Get a sharp pair of scissors so you can cut your plastic bottles in half and remember to throw the top half in the recycling bin. Stick your half-bottles in the garden and when it rains you'll be able to collect rainwater to water your plants.

Play with your children

Your children will love plastic bottles even though they might not realize it yet. They'll need you to show them all the amazing things they can create with their Coca Cola after they've finished drinking it. Before you do anything you'll obviously need to go to the shop to buy glue, glitter, and other DIY decorations children love playing around with. It will prevent you from throwing a plastic bottle away, but there is a downside because you might end up with a messy house.

Grow certain plants

If you want to grow certain plants inside your home you could grow them inside the bottom of a plastic bottle as long as you cut the top away first. You'd then just need to lay compost at the bottom of the bottle and your plant would grow perfectly without making a mess in your home. You could also use it to grow something in the garden if you didn't want a little critter to get their mucky paws over it until it was big enough to outgrow the bottle.

Store your food away

It's easy to keep certain foods tucked away in old plastic bottles. If you love making soup I'm sure you'll have lots of split peas and lentils. Can you think of any better places to keep them than a nicely cut Pepsi bottle? You can even keep pasta and salt in there too. Before you get started you will need to cut two bottles in half and once you've put your food inside on of the bottom half's you can take the other one and place it directly over the top creating a nice seal

Water your plants

This isn't the same as what we looked at before because you don't actually collect rainwater inside the bottle. Instead you fill the bottle up at the sink then you can go out to the garden and stick the bottle in the ground upside down close to your plants. Over time the water will slowly seep out of the bottle and into the soil. If you have a lot of plants in your garden you can use a lot of bottles at the same time and you won't need to throw any of them away.

A million other ideas

If you sit down and think carefully I'm sure you could come up with many other alternative ideas and we wouldn't have such a big plastic bottle problem in the first place. Plastic isn't the biggest enemy we have, but letting them pile up after drinking 1ltr of soda is a pretty scary problem. If you're reading this from your cliff top home you're not excused because you have lots of money in the bank.

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