The Best Kitchen Cabinets for Every Kitchen Style

Changing up your kitchen is the first step to adding a facelift to your home. Buyers of a home are more likely to pay attention to the kitchens and restrooms of a home. If these are well maintained with great features, the value of the home will increase, and the appeal will widen. Kitchen cabinets are also affordable, making them an economical fix. No matter your kitchen style or size, there are cabinet fashions that are perfect for your home.

Glass Cabinets for Small Kitchens

When a room is smaller, the best way to open it up is by making sure the room looks light and airy. No matter the color of your small kitchen, if you want to style the room with new cabinets, glass front cabinets are one of the best ways to build cabinets. Glass front cabinets will display the content of your kitchen cupboards, yet still act as a regular cabinet would. The see through glass will open up the room, and allow light, which will open up a small kitchen.

Be sure not to overload a small kitchen with cabinets, especially floor cabinetry. If possible, keep the cabinets on the wall, which will free up floor space. More floor space means more square footage to use for other important items inside of a kitchen.

Use Open Shelving in Kitchen Galley Cabinets

 Galley style kitchens are an old world style, but they still have their place in modern homes. Long galley kitchens are typically only comfortable for one person due to their style, and do not make family friendly zones.

In order to make a galley kitchen better in appearance and in operation, add many cabinets to the floor of the kitchen. Up top, add a number of open shelves with no doors. The open shelving will open up the narrow space, as well as keep cooking items or display items in arms reach. Be sure to match the wood on the open shelves with the lower cabinets. Superior Stone and Cabinet in Phoenix can fit custom cabinets and custom shelving units for a galley kitchen.

Making a Large Kitchen Homey

Large kitchens are the dream of many cooks. Though a large kitchen is a great perk, planning out the kitchen space can be more difficult. If you do not want to have a kitchen that is overwhelming, it is important to make it look homey. In order to do this, there are a few routes that you can take.

One of the styles that you can try is adding the appliances into the cabinet. Instead of having the fridge sit adjacent to the cabinets, make a space for the refrigerator inside of the cabinet space. This will give the kitchen a cohesive look, and make the space look different than endless cabinets.

Another style for a large kitchen is separating the space with an island. An island should match the cabinetry and countertops of the rest of the kitchen for a cohesive look. The island can house the sink, or it can operate as the stove. Some prefer the island to be a completely blank prep space. No matter how you envision the island, sure that it is livens up the blank palate that a large open kitchen space creates.