These Items Will Make Any Office Better to Work In

Whether you have an office at home or at work, the way you organise your things and set up the space around where you work will make a huge difference to how much you enjoy being there and to how efficient and productive you are while you work. These days there are countless gadgets, devices and inventions that are all aimed at helping us to stay more organised and to work more efficiently and effectively, and yet the majority of workers don't use any of these – opting instead to simply work at an empty desk, or one that is absolutely covered in clutter and paper (which is even worse as you might imagine).

If you think that you could be working better then, it's time to think about the items on your desk and what you could do to make this a place more conducive to work. Here are some of the top things you can add right now to make your desk more conducive to work…

Another Monitor

If you're currently working at just one monitor on your computer then it's high time you added another one. This will enable for far more effective multitasking and mean that you're not squinting to try and make out lots of windows on a single screen. While you might not feel as though you need a new monitor yet, you'll find that once you have one, it's impossible to imagine going back. This is a very worthwhile investment.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is a device that allows you to control a computer using just point gestures and hand movements. This way you can load up a file by pointing at it, or increase the volume by raising your hand like a conductor. This actually isn't the most powerful device in the world, and many reviews have been mixed to poor owing to the poor responsiveness.

That said though it still makes working at your desk feel much more high tech and futuristic which is a great way to encourage yourself to spend more time there. And more to the point, it still has a few uses which can aid your workflow and speed things up – even if you just use it for unlocking your PC.


This is perhaps the single most important thing you can add to a desk: a notepad. Not Notepad the program – but an actual honest-to-god pad of lined paper. This will enable you to take notes while on the fine, to write to do lists and to draw free hand. Even if you have a stylus for your computer this is a much quicker way to capture your ideas and it can truly transform your workflow. No office space should be without one.

Notice Board

This is also a very useful addition to an office that takes some of your data off of the computer. With a notice board you can pin up items that you need to keep in mind and spread them out without cluttering your desk. This is also a useful place for people to leave you messages, or for you to leave reminders such as passwords etc. Again you might not think it could add that much, but once you've got one you won't want to go back. An alternative option? A chalkboard.


Another crucial thing to add to your desk is some kind of plant. Plants have an amazing effect on us psychologically actually helping to reduce blood pressure and heart rate as soon as we look at them thanks to their association with being in nature and in areas with lots of natural resources. Add a plant to your desk and you'll find you feel less stressed and more at ease more of the time.

Mug of Tea/Coffee

Finally, no office or desktop should be without a mug of steaming tea or coffee sitting in the corner. It will give your brain that boost it needs, but also comfort you into your working day. With tea, everything seems better…

Author Bio

This post has been contributed by Nancy Baker who is a freelance blogger at the CBRE Group, a team of experienced real estate professionals. Her hobbies include reading and travelling to heritage places. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.