Moving Home – The Factors You May Have Forgotten

Moving home presents an exciting opportunity to improve your living conditions and to try experiencing a new location. You'll be able to upgrade your home, to gain more space, and to generally improve your day to day life in a number of different ways.

But at the same time moving home is also a big logistical challenge and there are a lot of things to consider when you start going about it. If you move home without doing the proper planning or giving it the proper forethought then you can end up creating problems that otherwise wouldn't have existed. Read on and we'll look at some of the common things that get forgotten and how you can prevent them from being an issue…

The Overlap

This is one big issue that will become apparent at some point in your move, but the sooner you consider it the better. Of course we are talking here about the overlap in properties – you will probably own/start renting the new location before you can stop paying for the old one.

Too much overlap is a bad thing because it means you're paying over the odds. At the same time though, it's also not great when you don't have enough overlap, seeing as that then leaves you very little time to move out of the property and to take all your things with you.

The best solution in most cases then is to leave a little overlap that you can use to move but that won't cost you that much. And the sooner you start trying to make that happen the more luck you're likely to have with it. And if you can't? Then you'll need to arrange storage etc.

When Are You Going to Move?

Also important timescale-wise is thinking about when you want to start moving and whether or not it's a good time to do that. Take a long hard look at your calendar before you start moving house and ask yourself what events, what appointments and what other things might stand in your way. You may also want to clear your diary for the foreseeable future once you've chosen your moving date – now is not the time to be booking holidays for instance. It could also be a good time to book some leave at work.

Note as well that you'll also need to clean the old place, and you may want to give your new place a once-over as well. This all adds time and requires yet more consideration and work on your part so make sure you've left yourself wiggle room. Remember that friends and family can help with this all as well though.

Deposits and Fees

There are countless other expenses on top of the moving itself that often get forgotten when you plan and budget for moving – and not all of these will necessarily be bad things. If you're renting a new property for instance, then have you considered that you may have to pay anything up to three months' of rent in advance? As well as putting down a deposit? Then again though, have you thought about the money you'll get back?

Likewise you need to think about the money you'll spend on fees, on tax, on setting up new bills potentially, on the moving company and more.

This also means more admin, as you'll have to go through your things to organise documents etc., and as you'll have to think about finding forms of identification and changing addresses at your bank. There's a lot of fiddly stuff involved in moving home, so don't forget that you'll need to set some time aside for it!

The After Period…

After moving into your new home you'll still be dealing with this paperwork, you'll still be arranging your belongings and you'll still be living in chaos. Bear in mind that for up to a few months after moving you probably won't want to have guests round and probably won't have much time for anything!

Author Bio:

The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, who often writes for AMJ Campbell, professional apartment movers in Toronto. She is very artistic and takes acting lessons at the local school on weekends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.