3 Ways to Save Money on a Big Home Remodel

Remodeling your home can be a daunting process, both because of the costs involved and the amount of time and work that has to go into it. If you are concerned at all about the budget required, do not worry. There are several proven methods to lower the cost of a remodel!

1. Save Money by Shopping Smart!

There are a couple different methods for attempting to lower remodel costs by shopping smart. The first is attempting to shop online. The nice thing about shopping online for your remodel materials is that you can look for the best possible price for a given item!

Secondly, consider driving to an area with lower sales taxes if the sales tax at your current location is a bit high. This is especially useful if you plan on purchasing a lot of materials at once.

Finally, look for clearance materials at your local home improvement store or find out if they do price matching! Even if you cannot find the items you need in their clearance area, it does not hurt to ask if they do price matching for the materials you are looking for. Even if you can save a small amount on individual materials, this can add up to large savings!

2. Do It Yourself!

There are several home remodel jobs that require expert hands, such as electrical wiring or plumbing. It is always suggested that you hire someone to help you in these instances, but there are also several jobs that even the only slightly handy person can do that would lower overall costs on a remodel. Things like doing your own painting or waterproofing your whole foundation, while tiring, are not difficult in the least once you know what you are trying to do. This will save large amounts of labor costs in the end.

3. Know Your Discounts!

If you are buying a large quantity of goods for your home remodel, such as windows, hardware, doors, and lumber, make sure you ask if they offer any kind of discount. It can be as small as a ten percent discount to help you out or maybe they have a volume discount for people buying in bulk. Sometimes there are even “bulk accounts” for customers that consistently buy large quantities of items at once.

Specific retailers also might offer specific discounts for groups of people. Examples include military discounts, student or teacher discounts, senior discounts, or special needs discounts. You will never know until you ask. The worst they can say is they have no discounts!

What this all boils down to is knowing the area you live in and the kinds of pricing you can expect from contractors and retail stores around you. There are several contractors that simply want your business and will do anything to help. One such visionary is Leonard Albanese, though he is not the only one. Look around, folks, and save some money!