Reasons to use Spray Foam Instalation

There are many reasons to use Spray Foam Installation. This type of installation provides homeowners with many cost benefits from its use. Spray Foam is capable of filling irregular or hard to reach areas that traditional fiberglass or cellulose installation can not. This allows the homeowner to ensure that little to no air conditioned air is escaping and cold air is less capable of passing through a warm house. Thus the homeowner is able to properly regulate heating and cooling inside the home. The average cost to insulate a 1200 sq. ft. home is over $1000. Because Spray Foam Installation does not shrink over time the cost to re-insulate a home is minimal. Spray Foam Installation in turn saves a homeowner time and energy of having a home re-insulated.

Spray Foam Installation does not just save a homeowner money but offers health benefits as well. Because the Foam Installation is sprayed and is not a food source, it reduces the chance of mold and mildew in a home. The reduction of mold spores lessens the chance of allergic reactions due to mold as well. Spray Foam Installation is also free from any long term harmful emissions making it good not just your home but the environment also.

Buying a home is a huge investment. Most people want to get the most out of that investment. This investment a lot of the time, will be the place where families are started. This will be the place where memories are created. This house will be the place we call home for years to come. With that being the case don't we want to have that home be the best it can be? Don't we want the home we pass onto our children to be a safe and sturdy one? Spray Foam Installation saves us money and has several health benefits over fiberglass or cellulose installation. The initial cost of Spray foam Installation is more that traditional installation. But if this investment is something we plan to build our lives around does it really compare? The long term cost and health issues associated with traditional installation far outweigh the initial costs of Spray Foam Installation. If there is a choice to be made then the only logical choice is Spray Foam Installation.

Here are some popular spray foam products out there, that can help you.

  1. Nova Spray Foam Insulation
  2. Foam It Green Spray Foam Insulation
  3. Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation