Tips for opening a hairdressing salon

What you need?

In order to become a well-paid, famous hairdresser - your work needs to be flawless, innovative and you need to know how to please your customers. Of course, for starting a business like this, you will have to have a great deal of knowledge and a lot of hairdressing skills that include cutting, dying, straightening, curling, etc. You will have to know how to make hair beautiful but also avoid damaging it and above all - leaving your customers satisfied.


If you want to be a hairdresser with a lot of regular customers who believe in your skills and are feeling free to let you work with their precious hair - you need to be familiar with all the newest trends and methods of work. These categories change constantly and your job is to stay well equipped and be able to put all that knowledge you have to practice. If you think you can pull this off, then here are some things you should know about opening your own hair salon:

A degree or skills?

People like to see that you own a degree, but that is not the most important issue. As far as you can show them that you are a professional who knows what he or she is doing, there is no actual need for that piece of paper. If you are a curious kind of person who likes to know a lot about your business, it wouldn't be hard to learn new things about it on a regular basis. The only advantage of these courses where you can get a degree is that you can really learn many valuable things about hair and hair products. But sometimes, having a degree doesn't always mean that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills.


So, if you are wondering whether you need a degree or not, my advice is to go on a course you think you will benefit from, if you have some free time, but if you are really confident about this and you know how good your work is, then you shouldn't waste time on this - you can go straight on developing your business as a hairdresser.


You will need to invest a lot of money in your equipment. My suggestion would be to pay a bit more for some equipment of bigger quality, because everything will last longer and sometimes, there really is a big difference between cheaper and more expensive equipment.


You will need a little bit of hair salon furniture, some electrical tools, hair products and tons of other things:

Electrical hair styling tools: crimpers, irons, curling wands, blow dryer, hair stand steamer, electrical trimmer - these are a must have, if you want to own a decent hair salon that will eventually grow and progress more and more.

Hair Products: shampoos, hair masks, hair gel, dyes, perms, heat resist products, bleach and many other things that must be of high quality in order to avoid being at risk of completely damaging and ruining someone’s hair.

Other: Hair cutting cape, barber chair, water spray, hair clips, hair pins, hair accessories, rolling cart, mirrors, scissors, combs, brushes, shampooing chair, trimmers, hair spray, etc. Keeping your hair salon clean is also important, so think about it while you are decorating and designing the place. You don’t need too much stuff in it - it will only make it harder to clean all the mess after your working hours. Arrange your hairdressing salon with style - keeping it neat and simple at the same time.


Make your services even better with some innovative ideas. For example: you can make an agreement with a photo editing company that will change the hairstyle and color on your clients’ photographs. This way, your client will be aware of the change he or she is about to make instead of regretting their decision later. This will benefit both you and your customers - you will have less unsatisfied customers and they will have their dream hairstyle. You just need to find a professional company willing to do editing on demand.


Anything that will make you different and unique is a good thing. Think of something that other hair salons don’t have, something they don’t do - you are the only one responsible for the number of customers you will have. Your attitude, knowledge, skills, uniqueness and of course, the price play a great role in your hairdressing salon’s success.