Drive Up Business with Your Own Reality TV Show

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Some businesses have a wide range of unique clients that are as diverse as the jobs the company performs. Perhaps they live in a city or area that is vastly different from most of the rest.

This could be the premise for a reality television show. The show could feature a company whose business is being promoted in America's living rooms during prime time every week.

These shows have camera crews follow the subjects around while they do their jobs and deal with clients in the way they have for years, even decades, without an audience.

Be a sensation

Without a doubt, shows such as Duck Dynasty on A&E and Pawn Stars on the History Channel are proof that anyone with a unique twist on an old business can draw the attention of millions. You can take these examples as case studies.

It’s a sure bet that not too many people knew what Duck Commander was before those bearded folks from Southwest Louisiana put themselves on TV. In the 20-plus years they’ve been in existence, business at the "World Famous" Gold and Silver Pawn Shop on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip has never been as good as it’s been for the past several years since their show went on the air.

This, despite the fact that not two blocks closer to downtown Las Vegas, another pawn shop plies its trade.

Finding a niche

In real estate and in particular, home improvement, clients are incredibly diverse. This is a key element of just about every reality television show.

In most cases, the show isn't really so much about the business and its processes, but the clients and customers with whom they conduct business.

Showcasing those clients is the basic premise. In home improvement, some business-performers specialize in eco-friendly solutions. Others cater only to higher-end clients.

There was even a reality TV show on a major network that performed home improvements at residences that desperately needed them but couldn’t afford it. The ideas are endless and they are out there.

Getting in

Many of these reality shows are somehow related to other businesses that already have an existing program on the air. This scenario unlikely for most businesses, however.

One possible answer is to try to conduct business with an existing show as a customer. If you keep an open ear for the rumble of a television crew knocking on a neighbor’s door, you might find opportunity knocking for you as well. Being at the right place at the right time can be critical.

Home improvement shows are all over the television. There’s even a cable network channel dedicated primarily to home improvement and real estate.

On this channel you can find a variety of different shows that feature people who are just doing their jobs. The amount of exposure they generate from these appearances is incredible.

People will drive miles to conduct business with the reality TV personalities just to be on television themselves. In this respect alone, being part of a reality television show is a great way to drive business through the roof.