How Curb Appeal is Bowing to Photo Appeal

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In the past, real estate agents drove prospective buyers to a promising property and relied on the visual impact of the front yard to spark their interest. Although this undoubtedly still happens in the real estate industry, curb appeal is steadily giving way to photo appeal.

Now that more house hunters research attractive homes online, pictures are the primary way to narrow down candidates. Real estate professionals have to gear their listings toward this end with fabulous photos that will sell the property to distant buyers.

By following the few key strategies below, agents can sell homes quickly and effectively.

Time the lighting for the best effect

In photography, lighting is everything. Before scheduling a photo shoot of the property you’re going to list, observe it at different times of the day. Agents want each shot to place the sun either behind the photographer or directly above.

Naturally, the day should be a sunny one to capture all the highlights of the home, both inside and out. When you know where the sun strikes the home at various times of day, you can accurately schedule a photography shoot with the lighting at its most effective.

Avoid bathroom shots

The master bathroom may have a huge spa tub, but you should avoid photographing this space. Regardless of a bathroom’s square footage, it often appears smaller in pictures, and that can deter buyers from further consideration of the listing.

Bathroom mirrors also pose a logistical problem for camera flash. Even professional photographers have difficulty angling a shot without catching the flash in a mirror.

Finally, there may be too many personal items in the room. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in the space, rather than staring at someone else’s toothbrushes and lotions.

Get creative

The real-estate industry continues to be competitive, especially as home values are rising again and buyers are encouraged by low interest rates. Some Realtors are getting incredibly creative by using drones, or remote-control helicopters, to shoot photos.

If you attach a camera to a drone, it can rise above the property for unique aerial shots. As buyers look through listings with standard photos, an aerial shot will stand out, and make the agent’s listing the top pick of the day.

Edit sparingly

Photo editing software can help you make average photos look spectacular. However, you shouldn’t alter pictures too much.

For example, you might erase an errant shadow from a room to brighten the tone. But don’t erase the huge tree in the front yard. You don’t want visitors to feel deceived when they arrive at the property, which can only make future sales difficult.

Ask sellers for help

It’s not up to the Realtor to clean a home of clutter and arrange the furniture. Ask the sellers to clean up the living room. The should remove magazine piles and stray mugs.

They can even help you rearrange furniture to make a room look larger. Both parties are working toward the common goal of a sale, so it’s only fair to share the workload.

Think of creative photo shots for a new listing. Successful real estate professionals take their selling strategy to the next level to entice even the most jaded clients.