21st Century Coupons: 4 Mobile Coupon Clipping Methods

More than half of Americans own Smartphones. Businesses are cashing in on this modern form of technology by sending coupons and deals straight to our mobile devices. From text message codes to deal-specific apps, consumers are able to clip coupons easier than ever. Let’s look at a few ways. 

Can you Crack the Code?

The days of checking your mailbox and hoping for the perfect deals are over. Most shoppers don’t have the patience to see if their favorite stores are featured that week. Instead they’ll surf the web for coupon codes that offer discounts on certain products and price points. For example, someone looking to remodel their bathroom might search for free shipping on Sears orders before they buy.  

These codes range from a string of numbers to specific words that apply to the deal. A coupon code for a St. Patrick’s Day sale might be “Lucky” or “Irish” which is easy for consumers to remember.  

Find Product-Specific, Not Store-Specific Items

Shoppers who are looking to make the most out of their coupon-clipping time should focus product coupons instead of store coupons. What’s the point of having a coupon for 10 percent off of a Target purchase if you’re shopping at Wal-Mart? 

Instead of hunting down specific stores, find manufacturers' coupons. These deals, like $1 off Dial soap, will be useful no matter where you’re shopping. Plus, using one app or site with all of your mobile coupons in one place is easier than downloading a different app for each store.  

Multiple coupon clipping apps might save you money, but keeping your coupons in one place will save time – and time is money, after all. 

See if They Accept Competitors’ Coupons

Sometimes you do stumble across a good deal or find awesome coupons for one specific store. For example, Publix has almost 200 coupons on its site at any given time, but it’s also a grocery store that’s more prominent in the south than the rest of the country. What’s a savvy shopper to do if they come across store-specific deals for a grocery that’s nowhere near them? Head to Wal-Mart, Kroger, or Albertson’s to see if they accept their competitor’s coupons.

Wal-Mart actually has guidelines for what coupons they accept and don’t accept on its main site, and your local grocery store probably does too. 

Register for Text Alerts

The easiest way to clip coupons is to let the coupons come to you. Some brands like Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret will send texts to fans about in-store sales. Even if you don’t see their website or television ads, you’ll still know there is a deal going on because of your phone.

Some brands also include coupon codes that are exclusive to mobile users, so if you’re stuck in your anti-mobile couponing ways, you could be missing out. 

You don’t have to give up your Sunday morning tradition of reading the comics with your kids and pouring over the coupons, but you shouldn’t overlook your mobile phone as a money-saver. There are multiple ways to find deals with your Smartphone, and the best part is you’ll never accidentally leave a coupon at home.