Design Your Floors with San Diego's Top 10 Designer Rugs

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Rugs are a great and easy way to perk up our living space. We don’t have to make any physical changes to our rooms, just lay a carpet on the floor and the space already looks enhanced.

Since rugs can make or break your décor, you only want the best ones for your home. There’s a lot happening in this space, however, with newer designs hitting the market every season. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all this choice. So to bail you out of confusion, we bring to you top ten rugs for your home from San Diego-based designers. Not only that, we also give you ideas on how to decorate your home with these rugs.

Trend up with Shag Rugs

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Shag rugs are slowly but surely coming back into vogue. And that’s great news for those who appreciate the power of area rugs, since shag rugs are most effective used as area rugs.

Shag rugs are fun. They also present an intriguing movement and create a nice contrast with all the furniture around them, which is static. Choose a few in bright colors as your bathroom mats. Let your feet sink into the super soft texture of a shag rug as you emerge out of a hot shower.

A Modernistic Touch

For the lovers of modern art, rugs in contemporary designs are a great way to spice up a minimalistic setup.

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A black and white carpet, preferably striped, is guaranteed to bring to life even the dourest of rooms. Since the black and white combination is one of the biggest home decorating trends of 2014, you will be spoiled for choice as far as this pattern is concerned.

A Classical Story

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One can always find a good use for classic rugs, and the best part is they never go out of fashion (which is why they are classics!). This is the best way to impart a touch of class to a simple room. Get hold of a high quality carpet in a classic design (can’t go wrong with Persians), choose a color scheme that flatters your existing décor, and you can bring even the most barren spaces to life!

In the Lap of Luxury

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Pile on layers to create a sense of luxury and warmth in your living room. Are you a fan of the old world décor? We refer to the nineteenth century grandeur with posh and plush upholstery. You can combine a few light-weight rugs and throws to create a luxurious set up for your rooms.

Check out the picture above for reference.

Eco-friendly Rugs

While we have been unabashedly going gaga over the sinful beauty and transformative powers of rugs, it is equally true that some of them are not nature-friendly. If your heart bleeds for the environment and you like the idea of doing whatever you can to improve your carbon footprint on this planet, you can start with greenifying your décor. Eco-friendly rugs would be a perfect addition to your home. They look as good as the rugs made in factories but are made from natural, not synthetic, material. Wool, jute, and coir are some of your options.

Exotic Rugs

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No, we don’t want you to emulate the above décor, but we do want you to pay attention to how the rug has been used in this set-up. Who says carpets are only for the floor!

Fans of Indian designs are in luck. The sheer versatility of patterns and the prevalence of vibrant colors in Indian carpets mean that you have plenty of great options to choose from.

Indian tapestries are gorgeous and an Indian rug will lend oodles of exotic charm to your living space. Apart from laying it across a table you can also use a beautifully designed Indian rug as a wall hanging. If you have a dedicated yoga or meditation room in your house, you might want to swap your yoga mat for an Indian rug to complete the Indian factor of your décor.

Perk up Small Spaces

Those of you who live in small and cramped apartments will love this. Depending on its style and color, your chosen carpet can enhance the décor of your abode and open up the space. The wrong kind of carpet, however, can create the opposite effect. You only want enough material to lend a bit of character to the small spaces, not smother them in fabric!

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Handmade Rugs for a Dash of Chic

Whether it’s for your own décor or if want to gift it to somebody, you cannot go wrong with handmade rugs. In many parts of the world they are a prized possession and are passed from generation to generation till they wear out. If you get hold of one, admire the craftsmanship of this creation and accord it a place of pride in your décor. We recommend the living room, but you may have better spaces in your house. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, bring out the beautiful rug on breezy afternoons as you settle onto it with your favorite book.

From sleek to sleeker

Not everybody is fond of bold patterns, prints, and vibrant colors. Some of us have sleek decors with a lot of black, beige, and natural wood. We like clean lines and sharp angles. An exotic rug would look totally out of place in such a set-up. So what do we do? Well, we add some more sleekness to our living room and go for understated but classy carpets. Choose a color that is already a part of your décor. You don’t want your rug to stand out but together with other accessories and furniture in your room, enhance the elegance of your living room.

Create Your Own Style

Surely one can’t go wrong with this? When you don’t find anything that would be a perfect fit for your home, get it made!

Thankfully custom-made rugs can represent as much variety as any other type or style of rug. If you’ve got a design in your mind stuck from browsing a home décor catalog, let your rug maker know of it.

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