5 Simple Tips To Deter Burglars From Raiding Your Property

Looking for ways to protect your home from burglars? You don't necessarily need to invest in an expensive home alarm system, nor do you need to install a shabby looking barbed wire fence to keep burglars at bay. By simply following a few basic and practical methods around your home, you can effectively deter burglars from short listing your property for a raid. Following is a list of 5 simple tips you can follow to secure your home and deter burglars from breaking in.

Keep your doorstep flyer-free

If you and your family are going to be away from home for a few days or if you're going away on a vacation, you might want to make sure that you don't let any flyers or take away menus accumulate on your doorstep. By doing so, you're literally letting potential thieves know that you're not at home. Speak to your neighbors or a friend and have them pick up all the mails and flyers for you. You could even inform your post office to hold your mails while you're away. Get in touch with your newspaper vendor and discontinue your subscription till you're back.

Keep your landscape trimmed

If you're a gardening enthusiast who takes great pride in having a house surrounded by shrubs, bushes, and tress, consider trimming your landscape and keep some open space if you want to keep burglars at bay. Tall shrubs, large bushes, and overgrown trees are ideal hiding places for criminals to lurk around, until the coast is clear for the raid! So, in order to enhance the safety of your home, the best bet is to keep things manicured in your yard. Avoid having low shrubs in front of windows since it gives additional covering for thieves in case they attempt to break in. Also, cut away any tall branches that reach any upper story windows, preventing burglars to place their bets on the first floor rooms. So basically, the idea is to create an outdoor environment which makes it difficult for burglars to pull off a robbery.

Don't allow anyone to get a sneak peak

If you want to avoid burglars zeroing in on your home to attempt a robbery, the last thing you want is your yard resembling a flea market. Have a look around your yard or your front porch and get rid of any items that you feel might lure prospective thieves onto your property. If you own a bicycle or a scooter, stow them away inside the garage. If you've purchased any new electronic items like a plasma TV or an iPad or any such pricey appliances, don't leave the packing boxes out on the curb – either conceal them in a trash bin or think of ways of recycling the boxes. Oh and yes, be wary about people walking by your house and make sure the expensive items inside your home are out of view when your curtains and blinds are rolled up. The whole idea is to avoid onlookers to have a sneak peak at what's inside your home.

Make sure that your ladder and other garden tools are locked away

Having a ladder or other tools hanging around in your yard or garden is as good as giving potential thieves an open invitation to come and pay a visit. Well, most burglars don't carry their own ladders and the last thing you want to do is to supply them with one, giving them easy access into your bedroom. So, get smart around your home and lock away your ladder in a secure garden shed. Also, pick up any stray garden tools that might be lying around, since you never know what might make it easier for the robber to break in.

Never hide a spare key somewhere outside

Burglars these days are way smarter than you think. Yes, burglars nowadays know to look for hidden keys under potted plants, doormats, under big stones or rocks in your garden, on top of the window and so on. Besides, you never know, someone could always spot you hiding or retrieving the key at some point, giving away your secret hiding place. So, as far as possible, avoid hiding keys at such places, and instead, hand over a spare to a neighbor or friend whom you know well and lives nearby. Moreover, everyone owns a cell phone these days, so in case a family member is locked outside, calling for help should not be much a hassle.

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