Create a Post-Grad Palace with These Bachelor Pad Hacks

So you're moving out of the dorms or your parents' basement and the only possessions to your name are an old couch and an Xbox 360 that's red-ringed twice already. Moving out on your own (presumably with a few roommates) is an awkward transition between your first real paycheck and actual adulthood. You're not ready to grow up, and why should you be? Now that you have your own place--a real place--the fun is about to begin.

Establish Common Items

Just because your roommate has a TV and Xbox doesn't mean he'll generously gift it to the living room. Your cohabitants will likely hoard their belongings in the bedroom and leave the responsibility of the living room on you. Get creative to find solutions. If no one will use their Xbox so the whole house can play Battlefield 4 in the living room, use Chromecast to stream the game from a computer.

Discussing the move

Renovate and Maintain

According to Gawker, renovating an apartment you don't own is a waste of money, since the landlord reaps all benefits when you eventually move out. But your first post-college pad on slim budget will likely need a fixing or two. First, find out what the landlord will do for you. Some of the renovations should be covered in the lease and others they may spring for out of the kindness of their heart. After that, basic upgrades like some new paint and IKEA shelving will go a long way for a little money. You might not have to design you want, but with roommates you can combine decorations and furniture to create complimentary contrasts to decorate your apartment and make it your own.

You plan on having parties here, right? Good. Second, invest in a bi-monthly cleaning service. You're saying something like, "You think I can afford a maid??" right? Well let's face a harsh truth right here: you're not going to clean, and neither are your roommates. A house cleaning by a professional can cost less than $100 a pop and can be split amongst roommates. Do the math and it's costing you around $20 per month to deter the fungus from growing behind the fridge.

Construct a Relic

Build something awesome that your new house/apartment can be reputable for. Try and go above and beyond the custom beer pong table to show you've matured past 18 years old. Learn some handy skills and craft a wooden bar that includes personalization from you and all your roommates. Guests will appreciate the craftsmanship and it will be a cornerstone of pride for your home. Of course, you can build a beer pong table if you want, but put some damn effort into it if you do.

A House for Women

The dorm was good enough for girls, but your parties need an upgrade worthy of a lady's attendance. Think about the appearance of your place and who it appeals to. If your sister were to walk in and immediately wince, start over. No one's telling you to completely feminize your new domicile, but don't pretend overnight guests don't matter. A pro tip: focus less on your bedroom and more on your bathroom. Especially if you share one or two with multiple roommates, a man's bathroom can be a huge turnoff to ladies if not properly maintained.

Got it? Good. Now tighten that tie, you're late for your first day at a real job.