Quick Facelifts to Stage Your Home

When you sell your home, you are essentially putting on a performance for buyers. The property needs to speak to as many people as possible to find the best bid. Although you may have remodeled certain spaces years ago, there are several quick facelifts that you can do to make the house shine against other competitors.

Add Crown Molding

The transition between the floors, walls and ceilings are often unappealing 90-degree angles. There may even be some overlapping paint at these edges that makes the whole room look unprofessionally designed. Cover those transitions with trim or crown molding.

These decorative wood strips cover the edges at the floor and wall, or wall and ceiling. They can be painted to any color before they are attached to the wall, making them fast decor additions before a sale. You'll notice buyers commenting on their beauty.

Rent A Storage Space

Selling a home requires some clever thinking if the square footage is slightly small. Remove some furniture from the home to make it look bigger. Don't store it in the garage because buyers want a large garage too. Rent a storage space temporarily. Place that extra cabinet in storage to make the bedroom or living room look huge. Buyers can also see the home's potential for their personal decorating. They can comment on where their favorite vase can go, for example.

Plant Bedding Flowers

Although your lawn may look perfect, attract buyers' attention with colorful bedding plants. Plant them along a border at your door, or even pot them strategically in containers flanking the front door. Bright flowers only increase your home's charm, encouraging people to buy and continue the gardening dream.

Change Doors

Interior doors take some abuse over the years, from cracks to fingerprint smudges. If a quick paint job does not make the door appear better, try changing the doors entirely. Because interior doors are not as expensive as heavy-duty front doors, you can replace them fairly cheaply. You can even choose a new style to accentuate the interior.

If you change the door, also consider a change in hardware. Doorknobs can look dated, depending on the style. A hardware change and new door gives each room a fresh look, even if the interior walls are not recently painted.

Remove Personal Items

Many families have numerous pictures framed across the house, from vacation photos to school portraits. Remove these personal items and hang basic artwork, such as inexpensive framed landscape scenes. You are trying to evoke personal feelings in your buyers, not highlighting your personal family.

When people walk into the home, you want them to picture themselves sitting on the couch or eating at the dining room table. This visualization helps you sell your home for the asking price you want. Any way that you can create a comfortable scenario in their minds is a great way to remain memorable during bidding.

Clean Walls And Ceilings

If you have looked at your old paint and just shuttered at the thought of buyers' opinions, you do have a quick option. Instead of resorting to a fast, and messy, paint project, clean the walls and ceiling. Using mineral spirits and lots of rags, wipe the walls and ceiling firmly with this cleaning agent. Grease and dust will melt away as you work across the surface. You'll find that the paint's color seems to shine out from under the grime and dirt.

Keep the windows and doors open during this facelift, however. Mineral spirits have very strong fumes. Wear a face mask, if it makes you feel comfortable.

When you decide to sell your home, it is a big decision for the entire family. Walk around your home with a fresh view to pinpoint any fast repairs or cleaning you can accomplish before an open house. Even bake bread or cookies during an open house to entice buyers through the door. Keep your buyers happy with their surroundings to find the best offer.