There's a World of Choice with Traditional Radiators

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If you are planning to revamp your home come the spring and are looking to upgrade your radiators to more energy efficient ones, you might want to take a closer look at some traditional designs. These days radiator technology has moved with the times which means you can now buy classic designs which are made just as they were in times long past. However, today this elegant design is paired to state of the art radiator technology which means they are more energy efficient than ever. As a bonus, there's a brilliant choice of colours, finishes and shapes too.

Traditional Radiator Designs Stand the Tests of Time

These wonderful Victorian designs have stood the tests of time and will do so for years to come. Today, classic radiators are made to the same high standards as they ever were, never compromising on quality in any way whatsoever with the addition of some very energy saving features, namely timers and valves. When it comes to efficiency, traditional radiators have proved to be one of the most efficient forms of heating for decades but today it's even better. The added bonus, of course being that these classic designs are aesthetically pleasing adding a charming feature to any room you choose to have them in.

Cast Iron Column to School Radiators & Lots in Between

Cast iron column radiators have been a firm favourite with many home owners, interior designers and builders for decades. However, today there are even more choices when it comes to styles and designs which are all made to very exacting standards offering a lovely feature to a room and helping to keep heating bills more under control. There are some reminiscent of school days, others which have a modern take on their style and some which fit into even the most difficult to heat areas of a property.

The Perfect Solution for a Bathroom

These days having a smart heated towel rail in a bathroom is the norm; it's that little bit of luxury people like and nothing beats warm towels in a bathroom. There are some lovely designs that incorporate a classic radiator into the design adding a cachet of charm to a very useful addition to your bathroom.

Classic Radiators are the Ideal Choice for Those Odd Areas of the Home

If your property has low window sills, traditional radiators can be made to fit snugly under them adding a charming focal point to an area whilst at the same time providing an even ambient heat throughout the room. These ever popular radiators are the ideal choice for areas of the home that have cold spots due to being an odd shape, that's the beauty of this classic design.

A Beautiful, Elegant Design in a Living Room

The living room is one area of the home where people like to sit, relax and watch some television. It's the place where you can curl up on a comfortable couch or armchair and enjoy a good film. Creating a snug atmosphere in the room can be achieved in lots of ways, but the addition of a stylish traditional radiator adds the finishing touch. There's nothing nicer than a warm and welcoming living area that boasts a beautiful feature in the form of classic radiator or two.


Modern radiators are very energy efficient so having the choice of beautiful, elegant traditional designs knowing they are great features in the home, that they keep it warm over the colder winter months whilst at the same time helping to keep the cost of your heating down, it's hardly surprising that more home owners than ever are choosing to install them. As a real bonus there's a world of choice with traditional radiators to suit the modern and the older home as well as the many décors home owners love to create in their homes.