Art for Your Home Today

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In the wake of the publication of a recent book exploring the art in people's houses, attention has turned inwards to the art in our own rooms and the pieces of design with which we share our lives. Busy modern people might not spend much time assessing the display of artworks in their own homes, but the things with which we surround ourselves can make a big difference to our overall mood and contentment. In all houses, whether displaying an expensive art investment or the work of a talented family member, creating the right setting will make a big difference.

Investment Art

People whose investments are connected to art pieces are more likely to desire a standalone display, in which their art piece attracts all of the attention. These can involve feature walls with framed pieces prominently displayed against a contrasting background, or perhaps a pedestal display for a sculptural piece. If the art is a long term investment which will be displayed for many years, designing the colour theme of the interior decoration is the best way to maximise the impact. Taking tonal values from the art itself and picking these up in soft furnishings, tableware or ornaments can unite a scheme around the artwork. Location should also be considered: dynamic bold paintings suit dining areas or rooms where there is drama, whilst bedrooms or restful living areas would find calmer, reflective art pieces more appropriate.

Most people already have clear understandings of the kind of art which they prefer. Whether that is a watercolour landscape, a busy social scene or abstract colour piece, few people consider purchasing art for their homes without spending some time deciding on the style for them. Some then choose to shop online, but for many people the best way to find unique art pieces is to visit local galleries and support talented artists in the area. Even coffee shops and restaurants now often have art for sale displayed on their walls.

Do It Yourself

Alternatively, a popular art style for those people whose art purchases are not financial investments is the 'DIY' approach. A number of websites have appeared in the recent past encouraging individuals to try and create the perfect painting for their own space. After all, nobody understands a space better than those who live there, making them ideally situated to make the art to decorate its walls. Supplies are readily available on the High Street and via online retailers, with plentiful advice on creating something to be proud of. One such example of a quality online outlet can be found if you click here. Whether the piece will be abstract or a stylised portrait of a loved one, having complete artistic freedom can be very liberating – and can create surprisingly impressive results.

There are few rooms in the house which will not be improved by the addition of something artistic. Whether that is a small decorative sculpture on the mantelpiece, a large painting above the bed or a series of frames on the staircase walls, finding art for your home today has never been easier.