Style without the stress - creating relaxation at home

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With incidences of stress and stress-related illness ever on the increase in the UK it is more important than ever to turn our homes into a place of sanctuary and relaxation. With some small changes to the look and feel of our homes, we can ensure that time spent there is as restorative as possible, helping to decrease the likelihood of stress-related problems in our lives at work and in the outside world. Here are the top five ways to improve your mood.


Despite how busy and stressful our lives have become, and how much faster the option of showering usually is, the inclusion of a large comfortable bath tub will offer you the chance for some serious relaxation. Take the time to choose a tub you can fully recline into. One that is deep enough for the most luxurious amount of bubbles and decadent lounging is a worthwhile investment.

Your bed Mattress:

A good night's sleep is fundamental to tackling the stress and difficulty of the following day. In fact it is suggested that poor sleep is one of the primary causes of stress in our lives. Improve your chances of restful sleep by investing in a high quality luxurious mattress. There are endless choices, but for real relaxation and proper support for your body, a high quality memory foam mattress will allow you to sink deep into your bed and hopefully into a deep sleep too.


Whether you spend your day chained to a desk or standing on your feet, everyone can benefit from the opportunity to recline properly and take the strain off their backs and legs once back at home. Gone are the days when recliner chairs were only purchased by those with mobility problems. Now they are available in as many styles as every other armchair and sofa on the market. If you buy furniture at Forrest Furnishing you will see a huge range that will allow you to really take the load off your feet and instantly leave your bad day behind.

Mood lighting:

An instant and effective way to make your home feel more relaxed is to change the light switches in your primary living spaces to dimmer lights. This way instead of having bright lights above you throughout the evening, you can start to wind down towards bedtime gradually. If dimmer switches are not possible, many stylish and inexpensive standing and table lamps can be found that will offer the same subdued effect.

Scented candles:

This is something that be achieved with a very small amount of money but it can have a very dramatic effect. As well as offering softer lighting options, the benefits of which are discussed above, having calming soothing scents floating between your rooms can instantly relax the mind and body. Scents such as camomile and lavender are particular effective at promoting sleep and calm.