Come Over To Swindon

Swindon is the county of Wiltshire in the South West of England and the town is actually located within the wider Borough of Swindon. The population of Swindon is around 185,609 as reported in the 2011 Census, covering an area of approximately 40 square kilometres.

Back in the Anglo Saxon era, Swindon began atop a limestone hill and was referred to in the Doomsday Book in 1086 as 'Suindune' which is derived from the Saxon words ‘swine’ and ‘dun’ which together mean the words ‘pig hill’. But don't let that origin make you think of Swindon as unattractive, the Swindon of today is beautiful and has a great deal to offer.

Potential attractions

Swindon has tranquil open spaces with public parks such as Lydiard Country Park, Stanton Park, Barbury Castle and Town Gardens (which holds the annual Swindon Mela which celebrates South Indian culture). Other public parks include Coate Water and Queens Park, the latter of which was opened by royalty in 1950 by Princess Elizabeth.

Historical and educational facilities include the English Heritage Archive, which holds over 12 million historic records, photographs, plans, reports etc, all of which cover the town’s social, architectural and archaeological history.

Swindon is also the host of several festivals, with the Swindon Festival of Literature being the most prestigious.

Another music festival in Swindon is the Swindon Shuffle, which is collectively hosted by many Swindon-based music venues such as The Beehive, Riffs Bar and The Victoria.

Finally, there are two well known theatres for the performing arts crowd, the Arts Centre and the Wyvern Theatre.


The Linden Homes property for sale in Swindon can vary, with the average price said to be £168,824 based on a 2013 study.


The education facilities in Swindon include 53 Primary schools, 11 Secondary schools, 2 Sixth-form colleges and 2 colleges, including New College and Swindon College. The town does not currently have a university of its own, but the Oxford Brookes University has its Ferndale Campus in North-Central Swindon, which covers degrees in both health and social care.


Swindon is the home of several major companies in their respective fields, including cars (Honda), home supplies (Siemens) and building societies (Nationwide). Although Swindon, like the rest of the UK, suffered during the recent recession, in 2013 there were definite signs of a strong recovery in terms of the amount of professionals living in the area.