Energy Saving Radiators

This article is about raising awareness of energy saving electric radiators, that are not only suitable for any household but highly beneficial to people living/working in off-gas properties/commercial premises. There are a number of brands in the marketplace but for the purpose of this article, I will detail one brand i.e. Haverland, and if you like it, I will endeavour to publish more.

Firstly, the main advantages to using these types of electric radiators:

  • The environmental impact as you would be helping to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Cheaper electricity bills as less energy is used throughout the day

Okay, lets get into more detail, this particular radiator uses a chrono-thermostatic technology which controls temperatures to a fraction of a degree, basically, this means less energy used and therefore, less money spent on heating your home/business.

How Haveland radiators work

Now for the more technical aspects of this energy saving electric radiator and a visit to the techy corner...

T e c h y C o r n e r

The Aluminium Body - high purity aluminium (99%) injected with high density, in order to obtain the maximum caloric performance and a perfect heat dissipation by the natural air convection, taking 100% advantage of the energy used.

The Performance Oil - the thermal oil used is a low viscosity and high calorific performance oil. Its boiling point is 330 ºC, unaffected by years of use.

The Electronic Control - latest digital electronics, welded with no steel, using the highest quality components which guarantee a perfect control and total reliability on time and temperature programming.

The Heating Element - electric heating element armoured in stainless steel, with a perfect watt-centimetres balance, constant heat dissipation to the oil with a long lifespan.

The Zone By Zone Heating Control - the Haverland Designer RC allows you to control a number of settings including 9 "lifestyle" settings plus 4 personalised programme settings. The RC also includes a diary programming feature (1/2 hour by 1/2 hour), a room temperature indicator and comes with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee.

So there you have it, energy saving electric radiators are not only great for the environment but these radiators will save you money too!

As briefly mentioned at the beginning, there are other examples in the marketplace such as the Rointe K Series, so let me know if you liked it and I will discuss more brands in detail.

Finally, another reason to consider an alternative like Rointe heaters is the ease at which they can be connected to solar panels.