5 Tips For Preparing A Nursery For Your New Born Baby

The arrival of a new baby can make parents anxious. They want everything to be perfect for their little one. The job of a parent can be tough, especially when they’re doing it for the first time. There’s no room for error when they’re preparing the baby’s room, because that’s where the baby will spend most of its time. Parenting books and blogs are full of information regarding this matter. However, we’ve broken things down to the basics. Here are 5 simple tips to prepare a nursery for your new born baby.

Select the Right Paint

The baby’s surroundings can have an impact on its development. Be careful what you put up on those nursery walls, because the baby will susceptible to it. Most parents put up pictures of famous luminaries to influence their baby’s development. I don’t know if a picture of John F. Kennedy on the nursery wall will make your baby the future President. However, the color of the walls definitely affects your baby’s temperament. Use cool colors like sky blue or Granny Smith green to paint the nursery walls. Create a mellow and passive environment for your child.

Carpet the Floor

Kids grow up so quickly. One moment they’re in your arms and the next they’re walking on their own. Your baby won’t remain in the crib for long. To prepare for the inevitable, carpet the nursery floor. Parents usually use hardwood flooring, but when kids fall they end up skinning their elbows and knees on it. A carpet is much safer for a child taking its first steps. If your baby falls it can get back up on its feet and try again, without the need of a first aid kit. As a parent you want to keep your child safe from even the smallest of injuries.

Improve the Lighting

Every room needs to be well lit. Your baby’s nursery is no exception to this rule. In fact it should receive more natural light. Broaden the windows of the room so it can receive light throughout the day. Your baby will need a night light to keep the nightmares at bay. Use energy efficient light bulbs in this case. Global warming is a threat to the future of our species. Anything you can do to prevent it is welcome. Remember, your child will inherit the future, so make it a green one.

Get High Quality Duvets

Your child’s sleep is important. If your baby doesn’t have a good night’s sleep, it’ll ruin your day. You can buy high quality duvet covers online to keep your child warm during the winter. It should feel like a cloud when your baby snuggles into it. Children can’t go to sleep without their safety blankets and we know why. Would you be able to sleep without your Egyptian cotton duvet? Quilts and duvets are an important investment for a nursery. They’re like the heart and soul of the room. After all the room’s meant for sleeping and how can you sleep without a quilt?

Baby-proof the Furniture

Last, but certainly not the least, is baby-proofing. It’s so elementary that it’s not even worth mentioning. Remember how much it hurt the last time you stubbed your toe? Well, imagine how much it would hurt a baby if it bumps its head on the rough edges of an open drawer. To prevent this from happening you need to baby-proof the nursery and possibly the rest of the house. You don’t want your baby’s brain to play bumper cars with the furniture even before it’s developed, do you? Who knows, consistent bumps to the head can prevent him from becoming the next Albert Einstein.

Now that you’ve prepared the nursery you can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s half your work done. You can now look forward to the baby being born and bringing it home to the nursery. Good times lie ahead as you enter parenthood. Remember that raising a child is not a right, but a privilege. Your child will perceive the world through your eyes. That means you yourself will have to be a terrific human being for your child become one. We hope the nursery you’ve built with our help becomes the cradle for a new world leader.

Author Bio:

Nancy Baker, the contributor of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Shut Eye, specialists in quilt cover sets. She loves blogging and is a regular contributor to many home improvement and fashion blogs. You can catch up with her on Twitter@Nancy Baker.