Prepare your Kitchen and Patio Space for Grilling Season

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When the ground thaws and the temperature rises, grilling season begins. For some, it is quite the ordeal just to make a meal outside and return the food to the kitchen or dining area to enjoy the feast. There are a few simple changes that you can make with renovations and rearranging outdoor items to make this task much easier. On some occasions, family and friends can gather for a meal al fresco style by implementing some of these changes.

Configuring Patio Grilling Equipment Properly

When you are configuring the grill and patio furniture, it needs to be done strategically. The grill should be placed on an outer edge of the patio space away from the home. When propane tanks are used, it is best to have a storage area for the tanks after you are done using them. This will prevent a home from catching on fire should the tank explode due to heat, being struck by lightning or a pressurized leak. Charcoal grills can make large flames that spread out. Distance from the home and anything that is wood is ideal.

The patio furniture should be opposite a grill. Although it may not always be in the opposite direction of the wind to prevent the smoke from getting to guests, it is a safer option for a proper configuration. An umbrella over the table is a good idea to help keep some of the sun off of guests on the hottest days. It can also help to keep some of the smoke from the grill away from friends and family as well.

Adding Easy Access from the Kitchen to the Patio

If you do not have an easy access point from the kitchen to the patio area, adding in a sliding patio door is the ideal option. Not only will this bring more natural light into the kitchen area but it much more convenient than having to walk around the home or down to the basement walkout door.

There is another advantage to having the added access point via sliding door. Most have screen doors that can act as another means for ventilation and to keep a good air flow moving throughout a home when the weather is nice and air conditioning is not needed. This can help cut down on the cost of running ceiling and stationary fans in the home to help reduce energy bills also.

In areas of the United States, such as Las Vegas and San Francisco, where the weather is nice most of the year, a sliding door makes al fresco dining easier to accomplish. Custom options as well as other exterior exit options are available from Energy 1st Exteriors Las Vegas that can suit your needs or wants. Entertaining in these areas is common, so making the decision to add sliding doors or another patio door option can make entertaining much easier and pleasurable for hosts and guests.

Preventing Charcoal Suit from Tarnishing Surfaces

Suit from charcoal travels far beyond the flames it puts off as it is first lit. It can tarnish the side of a home or put a film on outdoor furniture and decking. It is ideal to spray down the exterior of your home once per month during grilling season if you use a charcoal grill. This will help to wash away some of the suit that can build up from grilling. Patio furniture should also be wiped down regularly to keep it from getting grimy.

Adding Outdoor Seating and Shade Areas

Other than a patio table and chairs, additional seating is always an important factor to add to the configuration of your outdoor space. Consider building a few bench seats along the outer edges for friends and family to relax on during larger gatherings. Padded cushions can be stored in a closet or shed to be kept in good condition for use during gatherings for added comfort.

Shade areas are simple to create with landscaping. Trees that are taller than the seating area and ornamental grasses are ideal for creating shade areas. Another option for shade is a retractable awning. This can reduce the heat on the patio area by up to 20 degrees. Plans with friends to eat outside at a get together won’t have to be changed because it’s too hot.

The preparations to make your patio and kitchen areas ready for grilling season can start in the winter months. A proper entry to the cooking and gathering areas is a simple renovation that will not cause much disruption to your home life. The addition of bench seating, landscaping and working on the configuration of the patio furniture and grill can wait until the weather warms up a bit. Taking your time to ensure that everything is in the perfect place saves time from having to rush before a gathering, and gives you more time to concentrate on the food and guests.