Solar Company Provides Installations For Low-Income Families

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Lend a helping hand to less fortunate communities and they will repay you twice over. With this motto in mind, a group of enthusiast and benevolent volunteers working for Grid Alternatives, a non profit organization based in California, are installing solar panels for low-income home owners on both coasts.

Solar panels: A cost-efficient and sustainable energy source

Environmental degradation triggered by unwise energy consumption is a major inconvenience in many Californian poorer communities these days. Studies conducted in Bayview-Hunter's point neighborhood, for instance, have shown that the incidence of chronic diseases in children and infants alike is very high. Solar systems installed by Grid Alternatives do not only provide less risky and renewable sources of energy for blighted communities such as this   but they also contribute greatly to the improvement of the standard of living of the low-income households. As a matter of fact, poor families who have benefited from the Solar Affordable Housing program have recorded considerably high drops in the cost of monthly electricity bills following the installation of solar panels, allowing them to afford more pleasures than before.

Solar panels: A community ripple effect

They say that it only suffices a ground breaker to positively alter the destiny of a whole community for good. Grid Alternatives, through its network of community volunteers and job trainees, is seeing that this change happens for thousands of low-income families all over the country. When neighbors see that the Affordable Solar Homes Program has paid off for Family X and the cost-effectiveness ratio is worth considering, they are inclined to follow suit, engendering long-term benefits for community and individuals alike. Accordingly, the number of households powered by solar energy multiplies, facilitating the preservation of other available sources of energy and why not increasing community cohesion.

Grid Alternatives: Serving local communities at its best

Sustained development requires great reliance on untapped local talent and logistics. Having as core values the provision of better standards of living and more economical energy sources for less fortunate families, Grid Alternatives partners with local businesses, organizations and jurisdictions to identify out-of-work or newbie contractors to help it carry out the various ongoing projects and hence make a difference.

Solar Energy Systems: A national Phenomenon on the rise

Started in 2001 in California, Affordable Solar Homes Program has extended to low-income households in Colorado and New York/New Jersey region. While in California and Colorado the organization's local input is considerably important, a great number of projects being completed or under way, GRID Alternatives East Coast has just made its debut on the local market through the completion of the first solar panels for poorer families in the New York/New Jersey area. The relatively recent presence on the East Cost market notwithstanding, the prospects for 2014 seem encouraging, GRID Alternatives East Coast announcing the launch of the Tri-state office (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut) with a view to attract more volunteers and interested businesses and local organizations and increase the number of solar panels installed as well.

Volunteering for GRID Alternatives: A great traineeship opportunity

When volunteers decide to join GRID Alternatives they do more than reaping moral benefits by serving the local community develop; they also familiarize with the job's duties and responsibilities and can later find work in the field more easily. On top of that, they acquire fundamental skills including teamwork, efficient stress management strategies, enhanced assessment abilities as well as physical strength.

With over 14-year experience in the solar installation business and a large portfolio of satisfied clients, GRID Alternatives has taken compassion, solidarity and work that is of benefit to local less fortunate communities to the next level!

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