Make Your Home Greener With These Fun Life Hacks

Life hacks are really any kind of little trick you can use to get something done more quickly and easily. Often they will refer to ways you can save time, but alternatively they might show you how to save money, how to live more healthily, or in this case how to save energy and be greener.

The thing that makes life hacks so great in any case, is the fact that they are quick and fun, which in means you'll be more likely to actually use them, and means that you can enjoy great results without having to put in that much time or effort of your own.

Here we will look at some lifehacks that demonstrate this perfectly, allowing you to save energy and to improve the efficiency of your home.

The Bubble Wrap Trick

If you have an old house with a pokey toilet upstairs, then there's a good chance that it has an old window at the top which lets in a lot of cold air. These windows aren't particularly useful seeing as you probably never use it and can't even really see it.

Thus it doesn't matter if you make some changes to it that aren't the best looking in the world… One way you can do this is by attaching some bubble wrap around the edges of the window. This will act as a brilliant insulation as the bubble wrap contains trapped air – one of the best insulators of all (and actually the things that makes double glazing so effective as an insulator). Light will still get in too, and as you can't see the window anyway it's hardly going to matter that it doesn't look great…

Turn Down the Heating

By one degree. That's right – you'll hardly notice it, and yet it will save you a fair deal of cash over the course of the year. In fact you can turn your heating down by one degree a day and then stop when you actually notice it, then you'll be at the actual optimum heat for your rooms.

Use Egg Shells in Your Garden

One of the best ways to go green is to run a green garden which will attract lots of wildlife and avoid accidentally letting pesticides and other chemicals get into the ecosystem.

Running an entirely organic garden is complex going and requires a whole article at least, but you can start protecting your cabbages much more easily by simply just breaking up some egg shells and then scattering them around your garden by the cabbages and anything else that might get eaten by slugs and snails. This works because the snails and slugs aren't able to slide over the jagged edges – and as an added bonus it also happens to be very good for your soil and plants as the shell degrades and leaves behind calcium and other minerals that are good for them.

Share Washing Water

Want to save energy in a way that is fun and sexy? Then why not share a few showers with your significant other? You'll use half the amount of energy to heat it and half the amount of water, and you might find it brings you closer together as a couple!

Alternatively if you have children you can always get them to share bath water by taking it in turns. They won't even notice the difference, but your energy bill sure will!

Turn Down the Brightness

Here's another really easy one – just turn down the brightness on your TV. When you're trying to get the battery to last longer on your phone or laptop, you know that the best way to do that is often just to dim the screen. Well of course the exact same thing can work on your television set! Find your remote, head to settings, and dim the brightness by just a couple of notches. You'll find the TV looks pretty much no different to the naked eye, but that you save a lot of energy.

There are many more fun life hacks you can use to save energy, many of which involve using a bit of electronic wizardry. There are ways you can save on your air conditioning, your lighting, your heating and more. Have a play around, use your imagination and share your solutions!

Author Bio

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Bradmac, a well-known name in heating and cooling services in Melbourne. She has a very dynamic personality and she enjoys trying new things. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.