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When you are living in a high-end neighborhood in a big home you need to make sure that you are safe. You must make sure your doors and locks are up to modern day security standards. Maintaining a home is not always an easy feat. The price of homes has gone up recently making it even harder to find the extra money for your doors, locks, and home security. When talking about maintaining and improving the home, replacing old fixtures can sometimes be very challenging – like replacing old garage or front doors. Although there lots of good service providers for doors some people still opt to hold on to their malfunctioning , squeaky, and unsecured doors. But come to think of it, if only homeowners knew how to deal with this problem on their own, they would not need to pay for repair service, right? So just in case you want to try fixing it up on your own, here are a few tips to help you out. Just remember that we still recommend you call a professional.

1. When it comes to door locks, we really recommend a cylinder from a company like Mul-T-Lock. You really do not want to take any chanced with the security of your family. Any licensed lock service can supply you with these higher quality cylinders and keys. Some of these Mul-T-Lock cylinders even come with keys that can only be duplicated with special key card that only the owner has access to. This key card is stowed away in a safe place so that even if you lost a key or get it stolen it cannot be duplicated without this card.

2. When dealing with garage doors you should check the mounting brackets of the tracks on your wall. One of the most common, yet easiest to fix issues about old garage doors is loose metal tracks. One you are sure that the tracks are loose, use bolts and screws to tighten the brackets. After doing this, do not forget to check inside for flat spots, dents and crimps.

3. Check the track alignment. Many people always have a hard time closing and opening garage doors because of the simple blunder of unaligned tracks. Tracks must be at the same height and must be perfectly straight on the wall. If needed to be realigned, loosen the bolts and move the tracks carefully into a straighter position.

4. Check the tracks for accumulation of hardened grease and dust. Some malfunctions are actually caused by unforeseen dust and grease accumulation. Many homeowners who are not so knowledgeable about garage door mechanisms may easily mistake a unit as malfunctioning due to its tight movements in the tracks. Most of this is caused by the dirt that is obscuring and causing friction in the tracks. Be sure to check on this and clean it as regularly as you can.

5. If you have a sticking front or entry door here is what you can do: First, you adjust the size of the door to fit the entryway. Second, you remove the hinges and then get rid of any buildup of dirt along the door edges. Third, Try tightening the hinges for better performance. Finally, if any sticking issues continue you can sand the edges of the door.

It pays to know some basics on how to maintain a well-functioning unit on your own. Keep these pointers in mind and preserve your unit in a good-working condition. Aside from saving up on service fees, following these tips will also help you maintain your garage, entry doors, and locks in better condition for a long time.

Written by: Rod Johnson on 1/28/2014: A contributor for The Locksmith Zone This is a company that offers 24 hour door, lock, safe, and security solutions in the Greenpoint area of NY. Visit them today at