Acrylic Spas - Hype vs. Facts

Acrylic is a superior quality product used in manufacturing hot tubs and spas. The resistance that acrylic sheets exhibit against chemicals and sunlight make these sheets a crucial raw material for creating the inner layering of hot tubs or spas. Since the time acrylic sheets were founded, till date, a number of innovations have been introduced in the spa manufacturing industry. Using various permutations and combinations acrylic sheets of different textures and designs can be crafted. These acrylic sheets are used in spa manufacturing.

Speaking about Acrylic spas and sheets, there a number of facts and myths revolving around acrylic spas and hot tubs. Some of these myths and facts are mentioned as follows:

Myth/Hype: It is a common belief that the height of the acrylic spa does not matter.

Fact: The length and the breadth of the spa is one of the most important factors in determining its seating capacity. Therefore, your purchase decision rests on the height of your acrylic spa or portable hot tub from Wisconsin or some other place. In case you live alone, you won’t require a huge hot tub unless you have a lot of friends visiting you frequently. However, if you have a family, a small hot tub won’t be a wise purchase. Therefore, while determining the size of the hot tub or spa, you must look at the dimensions, including the height of the acrylic hot tub. Because the manufacturing cost of deep hot tubs is comparatively more than the shallower ones, most of the spa manufacturers apart from Master Spas Waukesha do not manufacture the former in order to cut cost.

Myth/Hype: More jets mean a better spa experience.

Fact: One of the most hyped beliefs in the spa industry is that a spa or portable hot tub from Wisconsin with more jets is a lot better than the one with less jets. The good thing is that this not true. The myth based on the count of jet streams in spas is so widely believed that even the professionals count on it for making better sales. There are far more important things to look for in a spa than just the number of jet streams that it has.

Unfortunately, this is the biggest hype in the business. Rather than compete on the basis of spa quality, service, and value, many online sellers try to outdo one another with the highest jet counts. There are far more important things than the number of jets it has. For example, there are things like the dimensions of the spa, the material that it is made out of, the plumbing and the brand; these things should not be ignored while purchasing a spa or a hot tub.

The count of jet streams in a spa is something that a spa retailer would bank upon only in case he or she deals in average quality of spas.

Myth/Hype: Fully foamed are the best of the lot.

This is completely incorrect! There are better alternatives to better heating of the spa water. Firstly, the best way of ensuring proper heating of the water in the spa is that all spa parts are of top quality. In acrylic hot tubs and spas, insulated shells and cabinets too, aid in maintaining water temperature for longer durations.