Top Tips for Fulfilling Your Dream Move to Edinburgh

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So you’ve decided that Edinburgh is going to be the place where you setup home for the future? It’s not surprising that you have chosen the “UK’s second best city to live in” to be your new permanent base. This award-winning capital city of Scotland offers something for everyone and is becoming an extremely popular place to live due to its diverse mix of culture, history and cosmopolitan modern-living.

However, moving home is an extremely stressful task, probably one of the most draining we can undertake in our lives. That’s why most people don’t tend to do it too often. The more frequently we do it though doesn’t make it any easier and it always seems even more of a headache than the last time. There are a few simple tips however that will make your house move as stress-free as possible.

Write Everything Down

Sounds simple and obvious right? But a detailed list compiled during your move will make the unpacking stage relatively hassle-free. The basic idea is to give an individual number or letter to a particular box and then record all of its contents on your master list. You can even use a computer to make the process more efficient and error-free, but the same principle still applies. Be detailed with your list; you’ll thank yourself later. For example, don’t just write “kitchen items” but instead put “finest blue crockery set”; this will avoid any confusion at a later time. Numbered boxes will also make the job of the removal company much easier. Firms like Forth Movers who specialise in removals in Edinburgh will thank you when it comes to putting your boxes in the correct rooms.

You’ve Got More Stuff than You Think

Your absolute best friends during a house move are cardboard boxes. Be warned though, you are going to require a significant amount of them! It is always best practise to overestimate how many you will need, particularly as many removal companies offer refunds on unused boxes. Having a surplus will save you from the nightmare scenario of running out and then frantically trying to source extra on the day of your move. Don’t forget also that many of your belongings cannot be packed until you are ready to vacate your house. Items like cleaning supplies, personal effects and bed clothes will be used right up until your moving day. This is why it is important to leave surplus boxes for these last minute items.

Don’t Forget the Children!

Your home will have inevitably been a large part of their upbringing and your kids are attached to it both physically and emotionally. They will also be saying farewell to companions, childhood hangouts and favourite hideouts. Moreover, the prospect of attending a new school is looming for them, which brings the additional stress of finding a new circle of friends and ultimately starting a fresh start in their young lives.

Be there to comfort your children throughout your house move and afford them good advice where possible. They will inevitably have lots they want to talk about and will be looking to you for the best advice, which is why your attention needs to be focussed on them as much as possible. Simple things like packing a box with a few of their special things, which are easily located once your stuff has been moved, will make the change of scenery less harrowing.

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